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Thunderstruck: Denver’s newest rivalry is brewing

Colin D. | April 10, 2011

The Avalanche have the Redwings.  The Rockies have the Giants.  The Broncos have the Raiders.  Now, the Denver Nuggets have the Oklahoma City Thunder


They are two teams with a whole lot in common.  The Denver Nuggets and the Oklahoma City Thunder play similar styles of basketball in mid-level markets in the Northwest division of the NBA’s Western Conference.  A splendid rivalry is brewing between them.
They have squared off twice in the past week; once in Denver and once in OKC.  Both games were chippy; both were fast-paced and exciting and both went to the Thunder.  Both games featured plenty of pushing and shoving.  They are sizing each other up.  There’s no love lost between Denver and OKC and now they are preparing to face each other in the first round of the NBA playoffs.
It’s a shame, really, that only one of them will see the second round.  The Nuggets and the Thunder both play a very enjoyable brand of team basketball.  It would be fun to see them both mow down other Western Conference opponenets before facing one another.
George Karl was, of course, the coach of the Thunder for many years.  In those years they were called the Seattle Supersonics.  It’s been awhile, but George’s influence still seems to hover over them in the way they play the game.  Mayeb that’s why it is so fun to see the Nuggets jostle with them.
Both teams are fast.  Both teams are deep.  Both teams are fun to watch.  But only one can win in the opening series of the Playoffs.  An exciting rivalry is brewing in the Northwest Division and it will be a thrill to watch it grow.   

Written by Colin D.


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