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You win, Kroenke. I cut Comcast.
Colin D. | January 7, 2021


South Stands Denver is a sports podcast talking smack on the internet about Sports Radio, the Denver Broncos football, Denver Nuggets basketball, the Colorado Avalanche hockey team, and Colorado Rockies baseball club.

I will not use they / them as singular pronouns because they are not singular pronouns. If, for whatever reason, a person prefers not to be referred to as he or she I will refer to that person as "that person" or by that person's first name. #Compromise

If you frequently believe you're hearing a dog whistle that may just mean you're a dog

Typical response. I am not an NBA GM therefore I don't know. What I know is Malone isn't the guy.

Dirty Dingus MaGee@Writingez99

@southstands303 OK, so who would you’d want to replace him?

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Doing my research on this Saturday

🎶They paved paradise, put up a parking🎶

Or in this case they tore down a parking lot we used to smoke weed in before Rockies games and put up a dang hotel!

Chris Paul should never ever argue a janky foul. He’s the king of them.

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