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The Monday Mommy: The NFL Draft Should Be This Weekend, Dammit.

South Stands Denver | April 21, 2014


“NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has decided that every single month of the year needs to involve some sort of NFL event and won’t rest until the NFL takes over the world, literally.”





Historically, we should be gearing up for the excitement and anticipation of the NFL Draft this weekend. It has always been a time for fans to buy in to the new season and forget about the woes and disappointment from the previous year’s results.

Instead, we are collectively forced to wait another two whole weeks and endure the ridiculous amount of speculation and mock drafts that go along with the pre-draft media hype. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has decided that every single month of the year needs to involve some sort of NFL event and won’t rest until the NFL takes over the world, literally.

Mark Cuban, love him or hate him- as most people fall into one of those categories, has been very vocal about the NFL’s need to expand and dominate into every aspect of the sporting world. “I think the NFL is 10 years away from an implosion”, Cuban told ESPN Dallas in March, “I’m telling you: Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered. And they’re getting hoggy”. Cuban goes on to say “When you’ve got a good thing and you get greedy, it always, always, always, always, always turns on you. It’s the number one rule of business”.

While Cuban was referring to a television package, it seems to apply to many things the current NFL has their hands in. Are they going too far in an effort to increase the almighty dollar?

Goodell’s insistence on making this European expansion happen strikes me as going a bit overboard. I get that there are many NFL fans living all over the world. However, the logistics of actually having a franchise across the pond just seems way too much to overcome. The scheduling alone is a complete nightmare for the other franchises and it just seems impossible for a European based team to be able to maintain a healthy training and lifestyle while flying back and forth each week for their matchups.  It’s already a pain in the ass for the two unlucky teams that get the short end of the scheduling stick and have to schlep to London each season to play one game.

The NFL is king, there’s no arguing with that. Do we really need to spread it out so there is no longer any off-season whatsoever? The rate the NFL is going, we will have some sort of activity each and every week spanning across every corner of the globe.

Lucky for us in Denver, we have the tremendous Avalanche season and playoff run to keep us focused and busy while awaiting the NFL draft.  Some fans are even still so bent out of shape from the Super Bowl dagger to the heart that they may even be happy to put the draft off for a few more weeks.

I, myself am ready for some football.  I am poised to see if John Elway can shake that bad drafter label and produce a draft class that is impactful and long lasting. Will they finally get a guy at middle linebacker, go with a guard to replace Zane Beadles or select a running back for the third year in a row?

All those questions will eventually be answered, but for now we will have to be tortured with two and half more weeks of Mel Kiper, Mike Mayock and all the other draft clowns speculating and mocking.



Written by South Stands Denver


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