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Our week 3 NFL picks VS the spread

Colin D. | September 24, 2010

This week Reidy joins in on the fun.  We didn’t make picks week 1.  In week 2 we went 9-6 with a push.  Remember, folks.  We’re not gamblers. We’re prognosticators with a Sports show.  Have you got a Sports show?

This week Reidy joins in on the fun.  We didn’t make picks week 1.  In week 2 we went 9-6 with a push.  Remember, folks.  We’re not gamblers. We’re prognosticators with a Sports show.  Have you got a Sports show?

Tennessee @ NY Giants (-3)
Vegas is giving the home team the standard field-goal advantage here. The Giants were awful VS the last AFC team they faced – the Colts. What a disaster that was.  Tennessee raped the Raiders in week 1 and struggled @ Pitt in week 2.  This is the Titan’s first shot at an NFC
My Pick: Tennessee + 3 Reidy’s Pick: Tennessee +3

Buffalo @ New England (-14.5)
Poor Bills.  They were on the wrong end of the biggest spread last week, too.  Fuck ‘em.  They suck.  The Pats gotta get right and they will win.  The hang-up for me is the .5 hook.  That makes it tough. This one is inter-division.
My Pick:  Buffalo + 14.5 Reidy’s Pick: New England -14.5

Cleveland @ Baltimore (-10.5)
The new Browns face the old ones in this divisional showdown.  Too bad the new ones still blow.  Every thing the Ravens try will work VS the Brownies.  What a terrible game.
My Pick: Baltimore – 10.5 Reidy’s Pick: Browns +10.5

Tampa Bay VS Pittsburgh (-2.5)

Don’t sleep on Tampa.  They are 2-0 and are playing great defense. The Steelers are, too.  Despite being without Rapelisberger, Piss-burgh has been tough.  This week they head to Florida’s butt hole for a battle of unbeaten-s.
My pick:  Pittsburgh -2.5 Reidy’s Pick: Pittsburgh -2.5

Carolina VS Cincinnati (-3)
The Bungles defense is AFC North nasty.  Carolina’s offense is a mess. The Panties have a rookie at QB and no shot at the playoffs.  This one should be a blowout.  I think.
My pick:  Cincinnati – 3 Reidy’s Pick: Cincinnati -3

Atlanta @ New Orleans (-3.5)

I don’t understand this line.  It seems really low to me.  What does Vegas know that I don’t?  The Saints are mighty, mighty.  It must be that ’Niners game.  Atlanta is quite good – especially on the ground. Still, this seems like a trap game
My pick:  New Orleans -3.5 Reidy’s Pick: Atlanta +3.5

Kansas City VS San Francisco (-3)
What about the Chiefs makes them a dog to the Niners at home?  This line is silly.  I hate to say it but the Chefs are for real.  Their defense is sneaky mean.  Alex Smith can’t deal.  LOCK!
My pick:  Kansas City +3 Reidy’s Pick: San Francisco -3

Detroit @ Minnesota (-11)
It’s put up or shut up time for Chilly and Fah-vruh.  They can’t (and won’t) lose at home to the Lions and go 0-3.  The line is a beast, though.  Detroit might be the NFL’s most improved team (don’t say “Raiders”).  I think they can stay within 10.
My pick:  Detroit +11 Reidy’s Pick: Detroit +11

Dallas@Houston (-2.5)
Really?  Houston is a home dog to the 0-2 Cowboys??  Wow.  Vegas must think that Dallas is desperate to win at all costs.  I think so, too. Them ’Boys are shakin’ in their boots.  They’re going to get spurred. The Texans have always been second class citizens in Texas.  Not anymore.
My pick:  Houston +2.5 Reidy’s Pick: Houston +2.5

St Louis VS Washington (-3.5)
Shanny has the ‘Skins playing well.  Furthermore, his face matches the player’s pant perfectly.  Synergy. The Lambs have a little more pop than they have in the past but they aren’t there yet.
My pick:  Washington -3.5 Reidy’s Pick: Washington -3.5

Jacksonville VS Philadelphia (-2.5)

Mike Vick collared the starting QB job in Philly.  He has to prove that Andy Reid was pushed in the right direction by ownership.  He’s going to beat the Jags with a 2 by 4 full of nails.
My pick:  Philadelphia -2.5. Reidy’s Pick: Philadelphia -2.5

Denver VS Indianapolis (-5.5)
The Broncos are in the friendly confines once again this week.  Kyle Orton has been deadly at home.  You know who else is deadly?  Payton fucking Manning is deadly.  Champ may sit on Sunday.  Not looking good.  5.5 is a bargain.
My pick:  Indianapolis +5.5 Reidy’s Pick: Indianapolis +5.5

Seattle VS San Diego (-5.5)
I’m not so sure the Chokers should be monster favorite on the road against the Sea-hoes.  3 might be a more sensible line.  Yeah, I think Sandy Eggo will take the victory here but I will take the home dog.
My pick:  Seattle +5.5 Reidy’s Pick: San Diego -5.5

Oakland @ Arizona (-4.5)
Welcome to this week’s suckfest.  The Cards wish they could all be Dancing with the Stars rather than floundering without Kurt Warner. The Faiders are the Faiders.  Neither of these teams deserve to win. Sadly, the Faiders will.  Yep.
My pick:  Oakland +4.5 Reidy’s Pick: Oakland +4.5 (but they still lose)

NY Jets @ Miami (-2)
Oh, that nutty AFC East.  Who knows what will happen?  Only the Bills can ruled out.  This game should be a slugfest between two nasty defenses.  In a defensive battle I’ll take the Jets.  Call me Hard Knocked.
My pick:  NY Jets +2 Reidy’s Pick: Jets +2

Chicago VS Green Bay (-3)
The Bears can’t no respect at all.  Cutler and Co have been lighting up the scoreboard like crazy yet they are home dogs this week.  I’ve take the home team in the points once in this round.  This time I’ll take the road favorite.
My pick:  Green Bay -3 Reidy’s Pick: Green Bay -3



Written by Colin D.


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