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Nuggets: the slow march toward predictable disappointment begins

Colin D. | September 29, 2014

“The playoffs, assuming the Nuggets make it there, will offer only more of what we have all gotten used to – a rapid exit for an undermanned Denver team.”

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Nuggets: the slow march toward predictable disappointment begins

It’s Nuggets media day at Pepsi center and as I type this the assembled scribes are Tweeting out quotes from Tim Connelly and Brian Shaw. Phrases like “in terms of growth”, “progress”, “depth”, “leadership” and “playoffs” are being bandied about just like they have been every season – under the current regime and prior. The players are posing for pictures, probably palming basketballs and wielding pick axes.

I want to be excited but I am not.

As much as I enjoy the game of basketball – it’s among my very favorites to watch – I know that pre-season excitement is senseless since I am a Nuggets fan. I know what to expect … not much.

Sure, with a healthy Gallo on the floor along with a surging Kenneth Faried the Nuggets will win games – sometimes in impressive fashion. And the regular season should be enjoyable. But that’s all we get. The playoffs, assuming the Nuggets make it there, will offer only more of what we have all gotten used to – a rapid exit for an undermanned Denver team.

The slow march toward predictable disappointment begins today.

The question of how a Nuggets fan is supposed to remain enthusiastic while knowing that the team can never get far is something we at South Stands Denver have discussed at length on numerous occasions. The fact is that we need to observe a lower bar of success than fans of other Western Conference teams. Folks who root on the Spurs, Clippers, Rockets and even the Warriors can look toward the 2014 / 2015 season with hope for a championship. We can’t. It’s not going to happen this year or anytime in the foreseeable future.

The Nuggets may never win a title.

So the way we approach the season as fans must be different. We must cling to less lofty expectations. One of these is that the Nuggets simply return to the post-season. It seems as though the organization sees this as a fitting objective so we fans can get behind it, too – even though we know the Nuggets will get crushed in the first round. Shaw and Connelly know that, too. We could yearn for a truly horrible season so that the Nuggets could have a better shot at a franchise-changing lottery pick but we have come to learn that is not in the cards for Denver. They’ll always be just good enough to keep star talent just out of reach.

It’s frustrating.

Will I watch? Of course I will watch. And I will cheer on my sad sack NBA team just like I have for the past fifteen years. And I will try to remain hopeful – hopeful that Ty Lawson realizes his star potential – hopeful that the Nuggets see Faried’s value and sign him to a long-term deal – hopeful that some trade partner will take Javale McGee off of our hands – hopeful that, at the very least, the 2014 / 2015 Nuggets make this un-extraordinary season somehow memorable.      

Written by Colin D.


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