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My Saturday evening in Sports

Colin D. | February 26, 2012

Some nights it just all comes together.

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I worked my ass off all day – and that’s good. God knows I need the money.

I popped by the Safeway and picked up a couple good sized chunks of steak from the closeout bin in the meat isle, some rice and a rom-com for the old lady. Crazy Stupid Love its called. Its got some hot guy in it I guess. 

Mark Moser’s play-by-play of the Avalanche at Red Wings game was beginning on 104.3 the Fan as I pulled out of the shopping center parking lot. By the time I got home the Avalanche had a two-zip lead.

I was’t surprised.

Once I reached my suburban home my daughter flopped down on the couch with me and watched the rest of the first period. She’s five. She won’t watch football with me because I yell too much.

I coated my beef with a mixture of Dorothy Lynch and other seasonings and seared it on a hot grill (cast iron grates for professional grill marks).

After all that smack that Kyle Quincey talked the Red Wings were bound to lose the game. The Sports Gods would make it so and I knew it. Although, Detroit made it scary in the end.

Speaking of which, I made fun of Detroit tonight and a girl got mad at me. Seriously mad. I get the impression that some people from there don’t find stuff like this funny:

When Katrina victims visit Detroit do they stay in the tour bus?

Detroit is just like Aurora only bigger.

Does Joe Lewis Arena accept FEMA vouchers?

Gotta hand it to Kyle Quincey. Not just anybody can find a job in Detroit.

Good people of Michigan, they’re only jokes.  One less follower.

The Avalanche won. In doing so they moved into first place in the Kroenke Sports Enterprises power rankings. They’re tied for eighth in the whatever conference!

I have to be honest. I hadn’t watched very many Avalanche games this season. I was drawn to tonight’s game by Kyle Quincey and by a couple of straight blowout Colorado wins.

When it was over I watched the NBA dunk contest.

That was fun. I enjoyed watching No-Star weekend fail miserably in front of millions of viewers. The night had no Justin Bieber and no memorable jams. It was some seriously weak ass shit.

That was good news for me once I was full of steak, rice and Coors and sitting down to Twitter.  I got to to tweet stuff like this:

Oh, man! I hope Melo beats Lebron in the slam dunk contest!

At Amway Arena you get paid for signing up other season ticket holders.

This is what that shitty ass dunk looked like from MY perspective

“Hey, yo’, I’m an NBA player aint nobody ever heard of”

Someone dunk from the free-throw line line that one guy.

Fonzie would dunk a shark

Only the winner of thus dunk contest should be allowed to live.

That one guy handled a pair of balls like a Kardashian

The next dude is going to leap over a big wheel.

I want to see a trubiute to guys who could dunk

The NBA. Where This Happens ™

David Stern is hiding in a utility closet.

Where have you gone, Spud Webb?

…and so on. Good fun.

The whole All-Star thing was very stupid. I can’t imagine the game its self being a whole lot better.

Did I mention the Dorothy Lynch? I love that shit now.

It was a good Sports night. I am happy for the Avalanche and happy for myself because it all came together.

I’m just a middle aged father of two who loves a good sports night.


Written by Colin D.


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