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It’s “official”. Broncos’ new TV partnerships have some fans (and a couple of anchors) miffed.

Colin D. | August 27, 2012

The Broncos have new TV deals this year and not everyone is happy about it. Twitter dust-ups and more after the jump.

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When it comes to their media partnerships, the Denver Broncos have shaken things up. KCNC channel 4 (CBS) is no longer the “official” Broncos station. That distinction goes to KUSA, channel 9 (NBC). The station won their bidding war with 4, landing a two-year deal to be the team’s “flagship” broadcast partner – allowing them special access to the team and early entry into the locker room after games. KUSA also has a sister station, KTVD channel 20 (Comcast channel 5), which it will utilize to air the John Elway Show on Monday evenings.

Anchors Drew Soicher, Rod Mackey and Susie Wargin will provide the coverage for Channel 9.

ABC’s local affiliate, KMGH channel 7, was announced today to be the host station of the John Fox Show on Saturday Nights. Sports anchor Lionel Beinvenu will sit down with the head coach for the 30-minute weekly program.

The Broncos seem pleased about these new partnerships. Their PR guru, Jim Saccomano took to Twitter today to express his delight:

This marks 1st time for Broncos to have official partnership w/7–as media world expands, team partnership deals w/media are vital.

…Future will show teams w/more deals, w/varied partners. Partnerships are the priority for all teams, starting nat’l, then local.

…The reason partnerships vital is–they pay the bills. AFL & Broncos survived becuz of ABC deal in ’60s, concept still true today…

…So a big welcome aboard to our newest TV partner, KMGH, Lionel Bienvenue, photog Jeff Howe, & all staff!!

This is 1st time in Broncos history team has had simultaneous TV deals w/highest rated network affiliates, w/KUSA, KMGH

The folks at KCNC channel 4 are less enthusiastic. They’re the ones who wound up on the short end of the “official Broncos” stick. This despite employing the two anchors most fans associate most closely with the team, Gary Miller and Vic Lombardi. Each of them took to Twitter today, too, in the wake of Channel 7’s announcement regarding the John Fox Show.

Vic Lombardi said this:

So, are we the only station in town that isn’t a Broncos partner? That’s funny, because we still have the most Broncos shows.

We also carry the most Broncos games, feature the most Broncos interviews and break the most Broncos stories. Other than that, we suck.

And Gary Miller Said this:

Great to see Broncos have now partnered with 2 stations that in recent years didn’t cover their road games.

Vic and I will just keep giving you the best, most insightful coverage in town on CBS4. Even if it’s not “official.”

I just want to say thanks for the great twitter support for the Bronco coverage Vic & I have done for so many years. It will continue.

Many hardcore Broncos fans and television enthusiasts share Vic and Gary’s apparent bitterness. The two anchors enjoy enormous popularity as a result of their excellent chemistry, undeniable talent and experience covering the Broncos.  Folks feel as though the duo has been unfairly left out in the cold.

Unfortunately, being “official” in the eyes of the Denver Broncos isn’t a matter of popularity. It’s a matter of dollars and cents. Or, in this case, millions and millions of dollars and cents. Channel 4 was simply priced out. The station didn’t pony up the way the others did. And now their coverage is rogue. But it will continue. Channel 4’s sports department remains the class of the industry. And, since it is the CBS affiliate, it will remain the station that actually airs Broncos games.

Written by Colin D.


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