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For your Denver Nuggets things will get far worse before they get any better

Colin D. | November 14, 2014

“If the Nuggets are tanking it would be nice for the fans to be informed. If they aren’t tanking they’re just a goddamn disaster.”

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Nuggets fans, mark your calendars for Sunday, November 23rd. That will be the next time the blue and yellow scratch out a victory, improving their record then to two wins, eleven losses. That’s the day they host the LA Lakers, the only team in the Western Conference more awful than they are.

Beginning this evening at the Pacers the Nuggets, who currently possess one win, which they earned in the opener against the sad sack Detroit Pistons, strike out on a three game road trip that includes appearances in Indianapolis, New York and Cleveland. Then they return home to battle the depleted yet far superior Oklahoma City Thunder followed by the improved New Orleans Pelicans prior to finally finding some schedule relief against LA. The way the Nuggets are playing there’s little reason to expect them to pick up a single win before the Kobes come to Denver.

If the Nuggets are tanking it would be nice for the fans to be informed. If they aren’t tanking they’re just a goddamn disaster. The team has taken a rather shocking downturn this season under Bryan Shaw. To watch them on the court is to feel as though they really don’t care. Their best player so far this season has been Jusef Nurkic who is too new to the NBA to know how to slough off. Ty Lawson has demonstrated no new leadership ability, Kenneth Faried has not shown that his international success can translate to the floor for the Nuggets and the rest of the roster seems to be in a funk. Do the players know something the fans don’t about Brian Shaw’s motivations for this season.

If tanking is Denver’s objective it would seem to be right on track. Only the Lakers, who have one more loss than the Nuggets do, and the horrific 76’ers, who may go winless on the entire season, have worse records than the Blue and Yellow. So far so good if ping pong balls are what this team seeks. If it aims to be competitive , though, something’s got to change.

Maybe the thing that needs to change is the head coach. Wherefore art thou, George Karl. Brian Shaw was an exciting hire at one time but he has been absolutely rudderless this season. And things are going to get worse long before they get better. The Nuggets could be in a hole too deep to dig out of by the end of this month.

What are we watching for? 

Written by Colin D.


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