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Exile on Blake Street

John Reidy | March 2, 2015

“…A Blake Street Perestroika of sorts, that will help mend the fences of a problematic relationship between ownership and fans. I want to love the Rockies, but this kind of vindictiveness makes it difficult to say the least.”

It’s time again for another #AskRockies debacle where team owner Dick Monfort subjects himself to the moody rage of the ticket buying public by answering questions on Twitter. But apparently I am not invited because I discovered recently that I am blocked by the Rockies Twitter account.

I was wondering why I didn’t see anything announcing the yearly fan fest and when I went to check the team’s feed, and was treated to a message saying I was blocked from viewing their tweets.

And as you know, I am the mayor of #RockiesTown, so this struck me as a bit odd.

I don’t follow the Rockies account and I have barely engaged them in the past. And If I complain about the team, I never “@” them in a tweet. I’ve certainly been included in many mentions where people have criticized the team, and I’m sure that helped edge me toward this exile.

My reputation preceded me I’m sure. I love participating in the Root Sports Fan Friday where they read tweets on the air. But I’ve been long blocked from joining in on that and I don’t have an issue with it other than I really didn’t tweet anything too horrible to deserve that block. You can read up on that here. Still, I get why Root Sports blocked me. They don’t want tweets about Draculas, Apocalypse Now quotes and my thirst for Mark Stout showing up on the broadcast. But why the Rockies have blocked me is a mystery since I don’t engage them whatsoever.

But I do spend money at Coors Field. My family has been season ticket holders since day one, and have given the Monforts loads of money over the years for a substandard product on the field. But I will be the first to admit the Coors Field experience is top notch and is probably why we keep coming back for more. I believe that if you buy a ticket (or a season’s worth) you have bought a small right to complain. Like I’ve said, I haven’t directly engaged the Rockies Twitter account in a long time, but being blocked by them is telling a season ticket holder they can’t have a voice, and that’s not smart. Especially for a team that is no stranger to PR controversy.

I thought that after the troubles Dick Monfort got in to last season and the changes the team made in the front office and PR department, we could all turn over a new leaf with how the club deals with the public. But it seems like the Rockies will still take my money but not let me voice any criticism of the team – even when it’s not directed at them.

That’s their right, but it’s not a good look for the Rockies. When the owner threatens to move the team after dedicated fans poured tons of money into his pockets, you would think an outreach to those disgruntled fans would be in order. Not blocking them from information about the team.

Buying a ticket doesn’t give you the luxury of being abusive however. If you’re just going to be a dick, the Rockies don’t owe it to you to absorb that abuse. But criticism or just having a little fun, shouldn’t be something the Rockies lash out at the fans over.

I still follow the fine Denver Post writers who cover the team, so I get an unfiltered view, but it would be in good taste for the Rockies to not block people who help pay their salaries. Even when they ask silly questions during an #AskRockies session on Twitter.

So on this day, as spring training gets underway and Dick Monfort enjoys the fruits of another #AskRockies Twitter fiasco, I propose an amnesty period where the Rockies start anew and unblock everyone they’ve clashed with and embark on a new era of openness. A Blake Street Perestroika of sorts, that will help mend the fences of a problematic relationship between ownership and fans. I want to love the Rockies, but this kind of vindictiveness makes it difficult to say the least.

For now, I’m exiled from Blake Street. Or its Twitter feed at least. And while I’ll still go to the games and put money into Mr. Monfort’s pocket, it would be nice if I wasn’t banned from letting him know about it.

Written by John Reidy


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