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Bandwagon vs. Fair Weather Fan : A Tutorial

South Stands Denver | May 8, 2014

“The actual bandwagon is reserved for those who do not follow sports, know nothing about the details and specifics of how the game is played or even the players who make up a specific sport or team. “


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Between the Broncos’ Super Bowl run, the Avalanche Playoffs and now the early success of the Rockies, the word bandwagon has been thrown around Denver sports like a flying disc at a Phish show.   

Accusations of being on the bandwagon among not only the fans but the media as well have been running rampant on social media and the airwaves in the Mile High City for far too long. I am here to put a stop to this nonsense and clear up a few things.

I believe that people are confusing a few terms and lumping everything into a nice little bandwagon package.

The actual bandwagon is reserved for those who do not follow sports, know nothing about the details and specifics of how the game is played or even the players who make up a specific sport or team. These are the folks who show up to the Super Bowl party in a shirt that was purchased either on the way to the party, or perhaps even the day before while in line for their clingy thingy. They are informed by either the news or maybe a sporty friend or coworker that their home team is indeed in the post season and that they should begin to pay attention.  These guys also may receive a mild tutorial of how the game is played in advance of said party and could end up confusing terms such as quarter and period or touchdown or goal. True bandwagon fans are very easy to spot and should not be confused with other levels of fandom.

A fair weather fan or media member is what I believe to be the correct term for what has been happening in Denver sports as of late. People who perhaps had strayed from the Avalanche after a rough patch and were captivated this season by the rejuvenation that occurred with the hiring of Patrick Roy and the unbelievable play by rookie Nathan MacKinnon.  These people, including myself enjoyed the playoff run and have every right to be excited about post season hockey in the Mile High City again.

Same goes for the Rockies. A favorite pastime among Denver sports fans and media alike has been bagging on the Rockies’ owners, the Monforts. Everybody loves to criticize how the organization has been run and how the team has been managed over the years.

Now that the Rockies are leading their division and playing lights out, everyone has once again started pointing fingers at those who doubted and chastised the team. I have once again seen the word bandwagon thrown around social media at those who are now actively rooting for the Rockies and cheering their success.

For some reason people feel the need to stake claim in always being a Rockies fan and never wavering like they get some sort of prize.

Can’t we all just enjoy the ride? As fans we are allowed to curse the ownership when we feel they have done us wrong but also have the right to be elated when things are going the team’s way.  Labeling each other amongst fans and media members just isn’t necessary.

I say we as sports fans and media members should stop chiding our own and turn to the non-sports people who attempt to “care” about a team once they reach the post season.

That’s the true meaning of a bandwagon fan. If the Rockies keep going on the path they are on and don’t self-implode in July, this town will need a much larger wagon to contain its band.

Written by South Stands Denver


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