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A quick, beer-fueled review of “The Association” starring the Denver Nuggets

Colin D. | January 27, 2012

Colin just watched “The Association”. And he has had a few.

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For fans of HBO’s Hard Knocks, the Association (starring the Denver Nuggets) on NBA TV is going to suck balls.  I can tell you that right now.  

Don’t get me wrong. The first episode was badass. But only because the Nuggets were in it.

As far as production value is concerned, it was more “Altitude Sports” than it was “National Sports”. The NBA could have done a whole lot better job. They could have begged HBO or Showtime to make it. Instead, they hired Colorado Institute of Art graduates. That’s how it looks. And that’s how it sounds.

The narrator should be selling used cars. Instead, he is selling Nuggets drama. His schick gets older than his fat wife within three minutes. 

Everything about “The Association” wishes it were Hard Knocks.  It’s pathetic. I won’t say it sucked – but it did.

NBA TV wanted to make an obvious ripoff of the greatest docu-reality Sports show in history and they blew it. 

I liked it, though.

The biggest thing I took away from it was a new respect for Al Harrington.  Where the fuck did he come from. I hated that loser. And now, all of a sudden, he’s a mature team leader? Am I an asshole or has that guy changed? Amnesty? I guess not!

Another was that Bird Man is just a goofy freak. I liked him up until this season. My wife even bought me his Arby’s glasses for Christmas two seasons ago. He just looks like an idiot now.

Benjamin Hochman of the Denver Post delivers a command performance. His easy, natural style and dorky ‘stache fit the Denver I know to a tee.

After watching, I am convinced that Ty Lawson smokes tons of weed.

I couldn’t help but love Masai Ujiri and wonder why he has such a shitty office. That’s some bullshit. He must hang out somewhere else. That place looked more like an interrogation room.

Josh Kroenke had way too much shit in his hair. It was lookin’ all nasty and matted down like he hadn’t washed it in three months. He needs to chill on the product and just be himself.

Other than that, Josh comes off as the same guy I met at the Denver Stiffs party – a smart, dedicated, easy going guy. Not a kid.  NOT a kid. Don’t call him a KID!

The Association implies that Kroenke and Ujiri did a hell of a job assembling the Nuggets lineup. And it looks to me like they really did.

And that makes the Association reality TV, right?

And it’s fun to watch.

But only because I’m a fan.

There are several episodes to go. They might get better, but they won’t.

And I won’t care.

Written by Colin D.


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