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You win, Kroenke. I cut Comcast.
Colin D. | January 7, 2021


South Stands Denver is a sports podcast talking smack on the internet about Sports Radio, the Denver Broncos football, Denver Nuggets basketball, the Colorado Avalanche hockey team, and Colorado Rockies baseball club.

The Republicans are going to ride the Trump train for the next four years, aren't they? Seems like a pretty dangerous gambit to me.

It's fascinating to me that the media can report about racially motivated attacks on Asian people in America without addressing who is committing them. Certainly narratives won't allow that discussion, apparently.

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Early parent of the year award sighting. A guy outside a Starbucks with his kid in a baby bjorn, taking a few more drags on a cig before he went in.

People who drive those white Fords that look like cop cars need to chill. No driving up on people’s asses or flipping u-turns. You’re harshing everyone’s mel.

My wife just called me up to yell at me because our dogs went to the vet and they gained a ton of weight. I've got a heavy hand with the treats it's come back to haunt me.

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