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"During its five decades of service Mile High also housed the Denver Gold of the United States Football League, the Denver Dynamos of the American Soccer League and even the Colorado Rockies of the National League. What Mile High Stadium never did, however, was change its name." click "read more"
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South Stands LIVE ep 259

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It's week one of the NFL season and we break down all you need to know about YOUR Denver Broncos with Brandon Perna (@brandonperna). We dabble in a little Rockies as well befor veering wildly into some talk of Ted Cruz polishin' the ol' head gasket on 9/11. Colin and John get heated over Jamele Hill, there some Headlines to Yardlines and we circle back for more Broncos talk to take you into this fine, fine weekend. 


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South Stands LIVE ep 258

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Our buddy Snyder (@madgamecc69) is back to forecast the season for YOUR Denver Broncos. We run down the Broncos schedule, give you our predictions as well as predictions for the other divisions, but first we talk about BROCK, some Rockies and Colin yells a little about racism and cops. John does a draft while recording and is a little distracted but we still get in a load of Broncos talk to prime you for the upcoming season. And the next time you hear our voices, the Broncos shoul be 1-0. Let's get it.


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South Stands LIVE ep 257: ride Captain ride

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We take our Trevor Siemian lumps as Captain Bronco (@captainbronco) calls in to gloat over his call of ol' Skittles claiming the top job as Broncos QB. A load of Broncos is talked over, Colin shares a sharting story and we talk a bunch of fantasy football at the end you will like unless you are Mike Petersen.  Some hot Jerry Lewis goes down too. Enjoy.


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South Stands LIVE ep 256: Nazi Punks Fuck Off

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The wonderful Brandon Perna  (@brandonperna) is back! And with him he brings great Broncos talk. We also talk a ton about Nazis, there's a Tweep of the Week, some Rockies and ultimately we get around to the elephant in the room: will Tom Brady be a Denver Bronco? We also have a visit from Ian Henson (@theorangepage) who is out in San Francisco and gives us a run down of what's going on with the Broncos before the next preseason game. We're rolling baby, and another good show is but a click away. Dig in and peace out. 


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South Stands LIVE ep 255: Wipe Finger

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For the first time, mainstay of of the Denver sports radio scene, Josh Dover (@joshuadover) makes his way to the bunker for a great show. We talk about fighting with people on Twitter, The Faith Day controversy, and people petitioning for Colin to unblock them. Then we dig deep into the Broncos and the manufactured drama surrounding the Broncos QB situation. Josh says it’s a Broncos Town and then apologizes to John. We cover the Sandy Clough situation and how the media in general has become beta cucks to the Broncos. A great “Headlines to Yardlines”, we talk some Rockies…


One popular feature here at South Stands Denver once was the Shitty Cars of Englewood where I photographed and profiled automotive terribleness that I spotted in the vicinity of the old Sportique Studios on South Broadway near Quincy street. I researched the history of the cars, found old brochure photos and interspersed information about the vehicles with details of their present conditions. It was fun.  
"That’s a ton of talent. It’s going to be needed, too, as this crew needn’t only navigate what could easily be a dreadful Broncos’ season but will be asked to hold down the fort the following summer, too."  click the read more link below 
"Just what Denver needed - another team-owned media outlet to slobber all over the team and to be never critical. 104.3 the Fan may need to change formats." click the read more link below  
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South Stands LIVE ep 254: Rox slide

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A hell of a show for Rockies fans and those sliding off the bandwagon as we welcome back BSN Rockies sage Drew Creasman (@drewcreasman) and for the first time, the hardest working (and youngest looking) man on the beat Jake Shapiro (@shapalicious). We get deep into the Rockies slide, the hot start and where we go from there. We talk some music, some comic book movies and some MARK STOUT if you can believe it. A real fun show with some great info (and some Broncos analogies for those who are baseball impaired) with some dudes who are really turning…


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South Stands LIVE ep 253: the return of Ry Guy

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Denver sports media madman Ryan Edwards (@redwardsradio) makes a triumphant return to the bunker and he brings with him loads of Rockies, Broncos and hot sports talk.  We discuss the Terry Frei incident and even offer some free BBQ at Wayne's Smoke Shack for the best Frei-ku detaling the incident.  The show goes on its usual tangents but there is some great tidbits about YOUR Broncos and MY Rockies to digest while you're waiting for Ryan's next show on Mile Hight Sports, weekdays from 9-11. Dig it all.


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