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Stan Kroenke must really dig Josh McDaniels

Colin D. | January 6, 2012

Former Denver Broncos head coach, Josh McDaniels works for the most famous team owner in Denver … still.

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Denver bazziolionaire Stan Kroenke is the most prolific owner in all of sports.  Bar none.  Aside from owning the Denver Nuggets, the Colorado Avalanche, Pepsi Center, Dick’s Sporting Goods Park,  the Broomfield Events Center, Tickethorse, a winery in Napa, California and some soccer team called “Arsenal”, Stan Kroenke owns an NFL franchise.  And Josh McDaniels works for him.

Stan has big plans for the Rams.  Those plans may or may not include the City of St. Louis, Missouri. 

He’s the key player in a monster development project in downtown Los Angeles which will eventually include a convention center, hotels and, yes, an NFL Stadium.  Which existing NFL franchise winds calling that stadium home is the subject of as much speculation as it is hand wringing and negotiation.  Top candidates are said to be the Chargers, the Jaguars, the Vikings and Stan Kroenke’s very own Rammies.  It’s not hard to guess what Kroenke would like to see happen.

One theory is that the Jacksonville Jaguars, who use big teal tarps to conceal entire sections of empty seats each and every Sunday, would scoot on over to St. Louis to “backfill” the market after Kroenke evacuates the Ram’s lease and moves the team (back) to L.A.

One way or another, Stan Kroenke is so dedicated to running the Rams that he has entrusted the immediate supervision of Denver’s beloved NBA and NHL clubs to his son, Josh.  A real nice kid. 

On Monday, the day after the Rams 2011 campaign came to a disgraceful end, Kroenke fired head coach Steve Spagnuolo after three seasons.  This despite the fact that “Spags” suffered the loss of his starting quarterback, Sam Bradford early in the season.

Somehow, young Josh McDaniels, the Rams offensive coordinator, kept his gig.  For now, anyway.  Ownership plans to leave McDaniels’ fate in the hands of the next head man. 

Our guess is that Stan Kroenke likes the guy.  Josh McDaniels still represent the “Patriot way”.  Despite his failure in Denver and the dismal performance of his offense in 2011 McDaniels remains a hot property.  He’s even been rumored to be the target of the Kansas City Chiefs in their search to replace Todd Haley. 

When you think about it Josh McDaniels never left town.  He just works for Stan now that the guys across I-25 let him go.

Written by Colin D.


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