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Radio Row: Three could be a crowd for the Fan Morning Show

“It would be awkward if either Lundy or Evans were asked to scoot aside at seven when Lombardi arrives but, after listening to the program’s maiden voyage, I felt like the studio was overcrowded.”

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The much ballyhooed new morning show debuted today at 104.3 the Fan. From Cleverly dubbed “the Fan Morning Show”, it will air weekdays from 5:30 am to 9 am, with the first hour and half anchored by Fan program director Nate Lundy and sports radio stalwart Mike Evans. Channel 4’s Vic Lombardi, who doubtlessly refuses to report to work before dawn, sidles into the studio at 7 am.

The Fan Morning Show benefits from having a wealth of radio talent at its disposal. Lundy is a Nationally syndicated personality who does weekend work for Fox Sports Radio. He’s sharp and young and, despite being a fairly recent transplant to the market, very knowledgeable about all things Denver Sports. Mike Evans has been co-host to seemingly everybody at 104.3 at one time or another. He’s an ideal second guy in the studio, capable of helping to keep conversations moving and chiming in with wit, humor and knowledge. Lombardi is quite simply the top talent in the market and somebody radio listeners have been eagerly anticipating the return of.

While all three participants in the new Fan Morning Show bring a lot to the table, it’s not clear as to whether they make an ideal mix.

Three-man shows seem to be gaining popularity in Denver but, with somebody as dynamic as Vic Lombardi in the studio, three could be a crowd for the Fan Morning Show. Ideally, Lombardi would be the focus. But, since he is not in the studio for the first 90 minutes, a two-man show isn’t really an option. It would be awkward if either Lundy or Evans were asked to scoot aside at seven when Lombardi arrives but, after listening to the program’s maiden voyage, I felt like the studio was overcrowded.

For one thing, Lundy and Evans sound a little bit too similar to one another. It’s not as though listeners cannot tell the two apart, but the two seem to contribute similarly to the show.

The Press Box with Kiz and Burns, which airs opposite the Fan Morning Show over on  Mile High Sports Radio, also features a three-man configuration with Mark Kiszla, Peter Burns and Oren Lomena, however the three of them are all quite different. Oren Lomena is a middle-aged black guy with an “urban” tone, Kiszla plays the codger and Burns is the pop-culture aware social media butterfly type. The three personalities on the Fan Morning Show lack that diversity.

To be fair, the new show on the Fan is only one day old. It will take several weeks for it to hit its stride. I am dubious, though, that it will reach it’s full potential as it’s comprised. Lombardi is just too good to part of a trio. Somebody should be lobbing him alley-oops and standing back to watch him slam it in the hole. In fact, if it were up to this sports radio junkie, it would be called “the Vic Lombardi Show”. He is the draw, plainly and simply.

There’s little doubt that the show will be tops in its time slot and is a welcome addition to the Fan lineup. It will give listeners who were not interested in the old Evans and Klatt show a reason to make a switch. Snagging Vic Lombardi was a real coup for the station and it’s exciting that he is back in sports radio. It’s just a shame he is not being given a wider berth.

I cannot say who I would remove from the mix. I enjoy Evans, Lombardi and Lundy. But I would partner Vic with only one co-host if the decision were mine to make. 

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