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Nuggets: What a show. What a win. What a perfect distraction.

Just like everyone else, Nuggets fans needed a diversion last night. Their team didn’t let them down.

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Friday, December 14, 2012 sucked. Americans got to work just in time to learn of yet another senseless mass murder. The country was reeling. Even the President wept. The question of how we deal with gun violence threatened to tear our country in two.

Shallow as it sounds, Nuggets fans needed a win to help cope with another such loss. What happened in Connecticut hit pretty close to home. After a dismal day that brought us to reflect on Columbine and on the massacre in Aurora, basketball was almost a guilty pleasure. We couldn’t forget about all those lost lives and broken families, but we could think about something else for awhile. Sadly, for many people, sports have come to serve this function often.

Particularly in the second half of last night’s home game versus the Memphis Grizzlies, the Denver Nuggets were a circus act. When they’re electric on offense and making plays in transition they’re as fun to watch as any team in the Western Conference. They gave their fans a show last night. Iguodala did his best Dr. J impression, Manimal was everywhere, JaVale caught a guy’s shot and Ty Lawson played a little defense for once.

I found myself shouting, screaming and jumping up and down. What a show. What a win. What a perfect distraction.

Today we’ll learn the names of the victims in Newtown. All those old familiar feelings will come rushing back and we’ll cry again. Another grey and cloudy Colorado day awaits us, which makes what the Nuggets did for us last night that much more special. The Broncos will be next to help us forget, at least for a little while.

This is what our teams do for us. If it’s not great tragedy that we’re escaping from, it’s the pressure of our every day lives. The bills are always due and somebody’s always hurting. But those things usually yield for the games. That’s why sports are a beautiful thing.

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