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Our week 6 NFL picks VS the spread

Colin D. | October 16, 2010

Better late than never.  Here are Colin and Reidy’s week 6 NFL picks VS the spread…

Our week 6 NFL picks VS the spread

After competing for the past 4 weeks, Colin and Reidy are locked up at
21-23 VS the spread.  In other words, they would both be losing money
if they were taking their act to Vegas.  Fortunately for them they
aren’t. They are, however, viciously competitive rivals.

San Diego @ St Louis (+8)
The Super-Chokers made Raiders fans of us all in week 5.  In week 6
they face the Lambs with vengeance in their hearts.  Can that jerk
Rivers and his band of over-rateds cover the 8 on the road?
Colin’s pick:  San Diego -8  Reidy’s pick:  SAME

Houston VS Kansas City (+4.5)

The reeling Texans look to get back on track against the Chiefs,
currently the pride of the AFC West (shudder).  Will KC recover from
their loss to the Colts last week or has their downward spiral begun?
Colin’s pick:  Kansas City +4.5 Reidy’s pick:   SAME

New England VS Baltimore (+2.5)

This should be fun.  Ray Lewis and the nasty, nasty Ravens fly into NE
looking to wipe that stupid grin off of Tom Brady’s pretty face.  The
Pats try to defend their home turf with no Randy Moss.  Both squads
are favorites in the AFC.
Colin’s pick:  Baltimore +2.5 Reidy’s pick:  SAME

New Orleans @ Tampa Bay (+4)

The Saints aint what they were a year ago.  Could losing Reggie Bush
to injury really have been that critical?  Tampa Bay, on the other
hand, is among the surprises of 2010.  Here they are a 4 point dog in
their own house.  Not a huge number.
Colin’s pick:  New Orleans -4 Reidy’s pick: SAME

Philadelphia VS Atlanta (+2.5)
Kevin Kolb gets the start in this battle of NFC teams with Mike Vick
still feeling the pain of having his chest ripped apart.  Atlanta
comes into Philly one of the hottest teams in the NFL.  Do they have
what it takes to snag this one on the road?  If they do they should be
the favorite moving forward.
Colin’s pick:  Philadelphia -2.5  Reidy’s pick:  Atlanta +2.5

NY Giants VS Detroit (+10)
The Giants have gotten their act together over the past few weeks and
they have the scariest pass rush going.  Ask Jay Cutler.  Still, 10
seems like a big advantage over the Lions who are certainly improving.
Detroit visits NY in a game that they need to keep from falling to
Colin pick:  Detroit +10 Reidy’s pick:  NYG -10

Chicago VS Seattle (+6.5)
Sadly, Jay Cutler is back behind center for Chicago this week.  We
don’t really like that guy very much.  We like Seattle even less.
They stink.  Can they go into Chicago and cover 6 and a half?  We’ll
Colin’s pick:  Chicago -6.5 Reidy’s pick:  SAME

Green Bay VS Miami (+3)
There’s little doubt that Aaron Rodgers’ will be able to play this
week.  The Dolphins probably hoped that he wouldn’t.   The Pack was
everyone’s pre-season darling but it’s offense has been somewhat
anemic so far.  Still, it seems a bit odd that Green Bay isn’t a
bigger favorite at home.
Colin’s pick:  Green Bay -3 Reidy’s pick: SAME

Pittsburgh VS Cleveland +13.5
Hide your daughters.  Big Ben is back and he must be salivating at
this match up VS a banged up Browns team trotting out a rookie QB.
Call this the lock of the week, baby.
Colin’s pick:  Pittsburgh -13.5 Reidy’s pick:  SAME

NY Jets @ Denver (+3)
It’s the Broncos who have taken the hard knocks this season while the
Jets have been flying high.  Denver can ill afford a home loss right
now so Josh McD needs to rally his troops – the ones who aren’t
injured, that is.
Colin’s pick:  Denver +3 Reidy’s pick: NYJ -3

San Francisco VS Oakland (+6.5)
As bad as the ‘Niners have been it’s a bit tough to believe that they
are more than a 3 point favorite – even at home – even against
Oakland.  Vegas must know something we don’t.
Colin’ pick:  Oakland +6.5 Reidy’s pick:  SAME

Minnesota VS Dallas (+1.5)
Two desperate teams.  One’s gotta lose – and whichever one that turns
out to be is going to be pretty well screwed.  Both of these NFC
powerhouses are staring down the barrel at irrelevance.  This should
be a really fun game to watch.  Thank goodness for the NFL Red Zone
Colin’s pick:  Minnesota -1.5 Reidy’s pick: Dallas +1.5

Indianapolis @  Washington (+3)
Indy has been pretty flat so far this season but they always win.  How
frustrating for the rest of the AFC.  This week to hit the road to
face a Washington team coached by some well-tanned old guy who the
Colts have smacked around a time or two.
Colin’s pick:  Washington +3 Reidy’s pick:  Indy +3

Tennessee @ Jacksonville (+3)
Ah, Jacksonville.  A dog at home on a Monday night.  Every team in the
AFC South is tied up heading into this game.  Things will be a bit
clearer afterward.
Colin’s pick:  Jacksonville +3 Reidy’s pick:  Tennesse -3



Written by Colin D.


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