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Nuggets: buyers or sellers?

Colin D. | February 26, 2012

The NBA trade deadline is March 15th. Will your Denver Nuggets continue to build for the future or make a run at 2012?

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The Nuggets have dropped 10 of their past 14 games. They have been brutal to watch. Their last game before the All-Star break versus the Spurs was an insult to Denver fans who paid good money to see it.

They have to get better and fast.

Or they can throw in the towel on this season and begin adding pieces (and dropping salaries) in anticipation of being better in 2013. The question is, are the Nuggets buyers as the trade deadline nears – or are the sellers?

Chris Andersen is for sale.  We know that much as the NBA trade deadline approaches. He’s on big fellah the Nuggets reportedly feel that they can live without.

Another less reported rumor has Nene on the block as well.  New Jersey was hot on his trail before his contract extension got done. It’s possible that they could make moving him worth Denver’s while.

Andre Miller has been pissy about coming off the bench. He will probably be available.

One trade scenario has Al Harrington headed to Dallas for Lamar Odom.

The Nuggets should have high hopes for the near future. They have a long home stand ahead and they should be getting healthier. Still, the chances that they can survive a first round playoff series against a top seed in the Western Conference seem very slim.

Whatever the team decides to do at the deadline, it won’t be a shock to fans who lived through the Carmelo Anthony deal a year ago.

There’s a feeling that the Nuggets need to do something to shake things up.

It seems to have worked for the Avalanche.

Written by Colin D.


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