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Nuggets, Avalanche paths converge in the woods

Colin D. | February 24, 2012

Two teams who were presumed to be on different paths have somehow arrived at the same dark place.

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Entering their respective 2012 seasons the Denver Nuggets and the Colorado Avalanche were given two different sets of expectations by their fans.

Few believed that Colorado’s NHL franchise would be a contender for a playoff spot, although some hoped they might. 

Most thought that Denver’s NBA franchise would.

Now both are in the woods, lost in mediocrity. Their two paths have converged.

Their respective conference standings are near mirror images. Both teams are on the outside of the playoff picture looking in.

The Avalanche, however, are on a bit of an upswing and seem to be making progress. The Nuggets have only gotten lost.  After a very promising start they have become a mere shadow of what they can be. 

Some point to their injuries. Others question George Karl’s decisions. Either way, a team that was heralded for its depth heading into the season is deeply dysfunctional.

While the Avalanche decimated the LA Kings at Pepsi Center on Wednesday night, the Nuggets were blown out Thursday in the same building by a Spurs team that knows its way.

As the weeks have gone by, the two residents of Chopper Circle have somehow arrived in the same place. Both on staring down the same futile path. Both among the also-rans.

For the Avalanche it might be too late to change. Although, they have surprised us before. For the Nuggets it’s not. But they have surprised us, too, in an entirely different way.

It would be no more shocking if both teams made the playoffs than it would be if neither of them did.

Hopefully one can show the other where to go.



Written by Colin D.


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