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It gets better, Orlando. Ask a Nuggets fan.

Colin D. | January 21, 2012

Dwight Howard wants out of Orlando.  The Magic can either trade him or watch him leave in free agency and get nothing back in return.  We’ve been there.

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Don’t worry, Orlando.  It gets better. 

We know what you’re going through.

Carmelo Anthony did to us what Dwight Howard is doing to you.  He, too, demanded to leave what we thought was a pretty good team because he felt that our town wasn’t good enough for him.

He broke our hearts.  Worse, he belittled us as fans and kicked dirt in the face of our city. 

He’s in New York now.

In fact, our Nuggets are going to Madison Square Garden to play against his Knicks tonight. We hope they kick his ass.

New York wanted a mega-star and they got one. Ours. In return, we got an eclectic mix of role-players including Danilo Gallinari, the smooth Italian who our city has truly embraced.

Who knows what you might get in return for Howard.  Let him go.

The Knicks with Carmelo Anthony are 6-9 on the season.  Our Nuggets are 11-5 and favored to win tonight.

Losing a star is tough – especially when your team drafted him – especially when he wants out because he feels that you aren’t good enough for him.

If you love somebody, set him free.

Then go into his new house and slap him around.

It gets better.

Written by Colin D.


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