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I wrote a letter to Monfort the other day, he opened and read it, said we were suckers *UPDATE*

John Reidy | July 11, 2014

“And when you do make your Nixon-like retreat from the Colorado sports scene, it will be cheered like a Peyton Manning touchdown.”

I emailed this to Dick Monfort at his email address, If he responds at all, which of course I hope he does, we will update. Enjoy.


Dear Mr. Monfort,

I am a Rockies fan and my family has been season ticket holders for as long as you’ve been involved with the team. And hopefully we will be long after you’re gone.

Your assertion that Denver doesn’t deserve a baseball team is the type of arrogant madness that brings down even the most successful of organizations.

You can claim you didn’t intend it that way, but we all know what you meant. You feel fans who complain about the horrendous product you’ve trotted out for the last 20 plus years don’t deserve to be upset simply because they keep coming back and filling seats. You think they are stupid and ungrateful when all they want to do is enjoy a day at the ball park and some quality baseball.

You certainly haven’t provided quality baseball, but you do offer a nice day at the ball park. But with your needlessly aloof comments, that is now in jeopardy.

No less than 20 groups would line up to bring a baseball team to Denver if you decided to move the team. So please do. Move at the end of the season and you’ll see how fast another team is here. I welcome it because there are far smarter and capable people than you and Dan O’dowd who will be on the first plane to Denver when you call it quits.

And when you do make your Nixon-like retreat from the Colorado sports scene, it will be cheered like a Peyton Manning touchdown.

So yes, it’s true Denver and the state of Colorado doesn’t deserve something. But that something is you and the absolute morons you’ve surrounded yourself with. And that makes you the biggest moron of all. So please move the team, sell the team or just put a big lock on the door at Coors Field and call it a day. You’ve betrayed the trust of the Colorado sports fans who have stood behind you all of these years, and that will never be forgotten.

Colorado sports fans are some of the best in the world and you’ve made a lot of money off of this fact. Remember that as your ticket sales dwindle and your beer sales dry up like vomit on the #PartyDeck. And realize your vanity is what got you to that point.

And if you’re not going to move or sell the team, you need to make this right and fire the clowns you kept employed all these years and hire someone who knows what they’re doing before it’s too late.

A fan and season ticket holder,

John M. Reidy


This was Mr. Monfort’s response to me. As you will read, he’s in full damage control mode.


I appreciate your comments, we will send out press release shortly, but the jest (sic) of it is, it is  not our intention nor has it ever been to move this team, we love Denver we love our park and most importantly we love our fans. I’m quite aware that I have lost your support and understand it, but I will always support Denver and Colorado in every capacity that I can. Thank you.


Written by John Reidy


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