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Hey Knicks fans, tell me how your Carmelo tastes?

John Reidy | January 22, 2012

You thought it would be so sweet but it’s getting pretty sour.

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You thought it would be so sweet but it’s getting pretty sour. And not in a delectable, Sour Patch Kid kind of way. No, it’s more like the sour of a rotting dairy product. And the stink coming out of MSG is growing worse by the day. Knicks fans, we kind of warned you about this. After all, we staggered through seven seasons of Carmelo hogging the ball and holding our hopes hostage that he would bring the city its first NBA championship and blossom into the superstar he thinks he is. Neither has happened and now he’s your problem.

Anthony surely has the talent to be a star but he has never possessed the heart of a champion. And that’s a huge problem when you’re trying to win a title. After the Nuggets shot down the Knicks 119-114 in double OT on Saturday night, I didn’t immediately think about how the Nuggets play great team ball or how they went on the road and beat a talented, yet underachieving Knicks squad in desperate need of a win. No. I thought of Carmelo.

If the Colorado Avalanche trades a player, you can bet your kid’s college fund that he will come back and score at least four goals against the Avs in their next meeting. There’s something about being scorned that brings out the best in the player. But Carmelo, in his first chance to prove to the city of Denver and the countless fans who had his back from the very first day he set foot in Colorado, that he made the right decision to leave, couldn’t muster the desire to beat his old team.

A Nuggets team without a bonafide superstar (one the ESPN recognizes anyway), that shouldn’t be walking into MSG and taking down the mighty Knicks in a double OT thriller. Carmelo aside, what this means for the team is they can win on the road no matter the circumstance. What this means for you the fan is you were right: The Nuggets don’t need Carmelo and what’s even better is that the Knicks fans, who were gleeful at the prospect of fleecing the small market Nuggets, are now realizing that not only is their overpaid superstar not panning out, but their relationship with him has started to turn like that milk in their fridge. Drink it in Nuggets fans.

Written by John Reidy


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