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Here’s your stupid Broncos / Panthers prediction

Colin D. | November 11, 2012


A final score and a blow-by-blow of how I see Broncos @ Panthers playing out is but one more click away.

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John Fox would love nothing more than to go back to Carolina, where he coached for nine seasons, and give everyone there a fine how-do-you-do. But he’s not coaching for his job and Ron Rivera is.

The Panthers should not be able to give the Broncos a game, but they’re going to. Ask the Bears, they’ll tell you.

Cam Newton is the key in the Carolina offense. When he’s hot his runners, Jonathon Stewart and Deangelo Williams can get hot, too. When he’s flailing around behind and inadequate offensive line and tossing up prayers he’s useless.

I have a feeling that Cam Newton will be hot on Sunday. He is going to rush for around 75 yards and score two touchdowns on the ground.

Deangleo Williams is going to score a touchdown, too. On a play where the Broncos forget to tackle.

Jonathon Stewart, the Panthers’ supposed “workhorse” will be bottled up.

Unfortunately, McGahee will be bottled up, too. The Jags defense will hold Willis under 100 yards and keep him out of the end zone.

Fortunately, Peyton Manning is going to come to play once again.

This game is going to play out a lot like the Atlanta game but without the picks. It’s Carolina’s Super Bowl, but it’s Peyton’s world – and Carolina just lives in it.

After trailing at the half 14-10, and at the end of the third 21-17, the Broncos will go on to defeat the Panthers 35-24. The fourth quarter will be a disaster for Cam Newton and the Panthers who will surrender two turnovers – one for a defensive touchdown, and one that Peyton Manning converts into a touchdown.

This game will feel a whole lot like the tilt with the Chargers. Only now we know the Broncos are dominant in the fourth.

Written by Colin D.


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