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Frustrated fans could be Jihadists, according to the Colorado Rockies

Colin D. | July 19, 2012

The Colorado Rockies had already gone way, way too far in trying to control the message out at Coors Field.  Invoking 9-11 is inexcusable.

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In this “post 9-11 World” organizations cannot be too cautious..right?

Threats to our safety loom around every corner and potentially in every seat in Coors Field. This is why the Colorado Rockies must enforce a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to patron wearing bags on their heads.

This according to the man with the shittiest job in the world, Jay Alvez, the Rockies Vice President of Communications and Public Relations.

He told Benjamin Hochman of the Denver Post in a peice published today about the fan revolt taking place at 20th and Blake: As a security measure, post-9/11, any clothing which conceals a guest’s face is prohibited, including but not limited to, costumes and masks, that would include bags over a guest’s head.”

It goes without saying that this stance is utter bullshit. As Mike Evans pointed out this morning on 104.3 The Fan, people wear masks to sporting events all the damn time. Knicks fans wear (wore) Jeremy Lin masks, Broncos fans wear ski masks, freaky hockey fans dress up like Blue Man Group. It happens – and nobody is removed from arenas for it.

Except at Coors Field.

The Colorado Rockies are simply making a weak attempt to rescue their brand. Couching the lack of tolerance for bag heads in 9-11 language is not only pathetic – it’s offensive. The team enjoys and benefits hugely from the inexplicable loyalty of its fans. If the awful baseball being played at Coors Field is not enough to drive the paying customers away, censoring them might be.

This 9-11 bullshit is enough to make me not want to go anymore. And I won’t.

I will typically make it a point to catch a few games in late August and September after temperatures have begun to fall (I can’t stand watching baseball in the heat of July). I am not going to this year. Screw ’em. I can find better things to do with my money.

This entire season I have been reluctant to boycott the Rockies but the language in this morning’s Post article was the last straw.

The Rockies have left fans with only one way to express their discontentment – by not going.



Written by Colin D.


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