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Denver needs a long Nuggets vacation

Colin D. | October 29, 2011

Negotiations between the NBA Players Association and league owners stalled yet again on Friday afternoon.  Billy Hunter and the overpaid hooligans he represents can’t accept the idea that the league will not survive without some changes to their collective bargaining agreement.  The players will eventually concede this.  We just hope they don’t see the light until after the 2011 season is cancelled.  We need a break.


The trade of Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billups to the New York Knicks in 2011 – and the circus that led up to it – were among the more traumatic experiences Denver Sports fans have confronted in the modern sports era.  The single biggest star since Elway demanded to shipped out of town and he took a hometown hero with him.   In exchange the Nuggets recieved a hand full of guys nobody in Denver had ever heard of.  Now, half those guys are gone – playing in Asia or Europe – and all the Nuggets have left to show for the trade is Timofey Mozgov, Ray Felton and a couple of picks.

JR Smith and Kenyon Martin are gone, too.  Neither of them will ever don a Nuggets jersey again.  Andre Miller will, though.  Hooray.

We need a break.

The Nuggets are embarking on a rebuilding adventure and, as fans, we must be prepared to suffer through a fair amount of mediocrity for a fair amount of time.  It’s difficult to get excited about the team, especially after the pain we endured last season.  The Nuggets will be back – and so will the fans – but we could all use a year-off.  That’s why we hope that the NBA lockout doesn’t get resolved anytime soon.  We would prefer to see the entire season cancelled.

Give us a year and we will miss basketball again.  In the meanwhile we are sick of the players, we are sick of the salaries and we are sick of the broken promises.  We stood up, we yelled, we bought mmmmmini-donuts and $7 beers and all we got in return from the Nuggets was sadness and disappointment.

Even lovers need some time away.


Written by Colin D.


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