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Dear John: a face-painting fanatical Broncos fan confronts Reidy’s disgust

Colin D. | May 22, 2014

The host of the South Stands Denver Fancast, our own John Reidy (@johnreidydenver), has been vocal in his digust for the Broncos since their disasterous performance in the Super Bowl. This doesn’t sit well with dear friend of the South Stands, Scott Graham AKA Captain Bronco.

The Captain took to his own blog,, and wrote an open letter to John which we have reproduced here.

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Dear John,

DISAPPOINTMENT!! It’s a tough word, a word that can instantly bring soul crushing emotional distress when used in the appropriate context. I remember being a kid and doing something wrong and my Dad would say to my face, “I’m so disappointed in you.” NOTHING was more gut wrenching. I only bring this up because “disappointment” is the word you’ve used repeatedly in tweets, blog posts, etc. since this years Super Bowl loss. You have left Broncos Country John, and that disappoints me. I’m here to bring you back. 

You have inspired me, for that I am thankful. I even had to nuke the entire site from orbit, it was the only way to be sure this post got the attention it deserves (click here if you don’t get the reference). John you are part of the “SOUTH STANDS”, arguably Colorado’s GREATEST Sports Podcast. Colin, you and Scott are AMAZING! As a fan of the “Three Amigos” of Denver Sports podcasting you bring awesome guests, objective opinion, not to mention a metric ass ton of entertainment. 

You all three accomplish this because you embrace what the “SOUTH STANDS” are all about. It’s where a naked guy in a barrel, a leprechaun in orange and blue, and maybe a guy in cape can profess their love and excitement for all things DENVER BRONCOS! We are different. We aren’t like fans from other teams. We don’t jump on the bandwagon when it suits us best. We’ve been through tough losses before, a lot of them.  I’ve been there myself for some of them.

My first live NFL game was when Doug “what the hell is he doing now” Williams ripped us apart in Super Bowl XXII. I was 13 with a broken arm sitting on the Redskins side of the Stadium and had crappy domestic beer chucked at me STARTING in the third qtr. You don’t forget things like that. Losing Super Bowls by large margins is something we in Broncos Country have had to learn to live with it. It’s because of those moments we appreciate the miracles of NFL football AWESOMENESS that have been bestowed upon OUR DENVER BRONCOS

The Drive! Not good enough? How about The Drive II? No? How about John Elway running the ball and helicopeter’ing in Super Bowl XXXII providing the momentum that would help our Broncos win their first Super Bowl? No, still not moving you? Then winning back to back Super Bowl’s surely brought a smile to your face!? What about that throw by Tim Tebow in overtime to Demaryius “Broncos Nation” Thomas against the Steelers? THAT WAS AMAZEBALLS!! The “Broncos Win, Everyone Goes Nuts” video still brings tears to my eyes. Maybe I shouldn’t even bring up all the records Peyton Manning and the Broncos crushed this year. 

My point is there are some NFL fans that would kill for just ONE of those memories. Yes there are instances of disappointment sprinkled within all these amazing moments in Broncos history. I’m also not trying to sugar coat that this years Super Bowl loss wasent hard to take. I felt like Luke Skywalker when he found out that Darth Vader was his father (talk about hurt).

I once heard the phrase “expectations are the first step towards disappointment.” John, as fan and a friend (even though we’ve only had beers twice, I think I can say friend here, if I am overstepping my internet boundary my apologies) let go of what expectations we had from last season and release your disappointment. We have so much to look forward to this year in Broncos Country and that is what I hope to remind you of in this series of “Dear John” posts.

Mile High Salute John Reidy! I will not give up till you come back to Broncos Country! 

Captain Bronco

Written by Colin D.


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