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Can you feel it, yet? These Nuggets have us buzzed.

AJ Niss | January 27, 2012

Guest blogger AJ Niss is high on Denver Basketball.

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Can you feel it? The buzz in the air for the Denver Nuggets is getting to be more exciting by the day.

Now that Tebow Mania has drawn to an end it is now slowly shifting to your Denver Nuggets. Whats new? Team Basketball! Fifteen guys on a roster that is as tightly knit as any we’ve seen in the Mile High City.
There seems to be a more relaxed environment around Pespi since the MELO drama we witnessed over the past two years dissipated..

George Karl is (thankfully) healthy. He has beat cancer twice and appears to have come out on the better side of the ‘Melo trade.  Now he can now focus on creating his dream team.

What is a George Karl dream team you ask?

He doesn’t care about having one star player that has super talent like the guys ESPN focuses on everyday.

He loves players that listen to him and follow his recipe for success.

It seems that public is buying into what George Karl is preaching as well. 

Yesterday, the team sparked up some excitement by extended two players’ contracts. Both came from that Melo trade. Up and coming superstar Dalino Gallinari got a 4 year extension and Kosta Koufus got 3 years. With those two signings the buzz intensified. Fans are as high on the Denver Nuggets as they have been since the drafting of Carmelo Anthony back in 2003.

In this first full season with out super star Carmelo Anthony this roster with no “superstars” is 13-5,  6-2 at home and 7-3 on the road. They just comleteted a franchise record 5-0 series sweep on the road. In the last game last game they played,  against the Sacramento Kings, they earned a team-record 92 points in the paint.

That, folks, is what we call George Karl basketball. 

What lies ahead for the Nuggets?

Let the future rest on these fifteen nobodies – and team basketball – and its going to be a fun ride. 


Written by AJ Niss


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