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Apparently, it’s Hockey season

Colin D. | December 17, 2011

Whoa.  The Avalanche have already played over 30 games and are dead last place in the Northwest.  Who knew?  


Forgive us for missing the start of hockey season by a couple of months.  Apparently, the Avalanche have been playing since September.  We must not have noticed with all the Tebow talk and stuff. 

The NBA lockout could have been a golden opportunity for the NHL to steal some attention away from basketball.  It didn’t turn out that way – at least not in Denver.  Even before it ended, folks were more interested in talking about the Nuggets than they were the Avalanche.  The team got off to a decent enough start but it’s been mostly down hill since then.  They are dead-last in their division and will probably remain such.  They’re bad and Kroenke Sports Enterprises doesn’t really seem to care. 

It doesn’t help Hockey’s cause that the Broncos are decent again.  Denver’s first love will always be football.  Still, it has taken a decade of mismanagement for the Avalanche to escape our collective consciousness.  They were, after all, our first Champions.  In the late 90’s they were a huge story around these parts.  They’ve been bad for too long now, though.  The Avalanche have allowed their goodwill to die on the vine.

It’s way too expensive to go to an Avalanche game, for one thing.  Ticket prices are higher for hockey than they are for the NBA.  Folks aren’t showing up.  The marketing of the team has been pretty lousy, too.  We’ve spotted a billboard here and there but, other than advertisements on Altitude, we’ve not not noticed much in the way of a TV push.  Of course, it’s tough to justify spending money to advertise a team that you’re not willing to spend money improving.

Written by Colin D.


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