John Reidy

John Reidy

I never really liked sports until I had a religious conversion when the Broncos lost to the 49ers in that one Super Bowl. Now I'm obsessed with all aspects of the Denver pro sports world. Oh yeah, hate college football. And I used to write a column for AV Club Denver but now am a full time contributor to this here site.

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A South Stands St. Patrick's Day mix

Here are you some tunes to kick off your St. Patrick's Day weekend:

"My concern however is that the Avs are going to get steam rolled by a battle tested playoff team specifically due to those previously mentioned defensive deficiencies. And by some of the lazy defense that was on display all season long, it’s clear that it will be the Avs undoing in a seven game series. "

"If the Rockies had stayed on course over the last couple of years, it’s still a stretch to say they would have supplanted the Broncos in popularity, but there certainly was a window they could have crawled through that would have at least given them a table near the Broncos in the VIP room."

"And for heaven’s sake, don’t buy any merchandise while at the ballpark. This would be like walking up to Charlie Monfort during the game and putting a $100 bill in his G-string. "

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A Broncos postmortem

"Call me “not a fan,” but if you’re not questioning that loss with the bitterness of a million Fox News viewers, maybe you’re the one who needs to reevaluate your grip on reality. And if Peyton Manning’s time in Denver ends up being just a giant flame out, the organization should be very concerned that that feeling will start to spread to other fans like a stomach virus in a lousy daycare."

"It certainly wasn’t flattering to include them in Goodman’s hit piece on how shitty Bronco fans are for not enjoying the steel-rod-up-the-urethra-ass-kicking that was the Super Bowl, so it begs the question: What the fuck Eric Goodman?"



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The Argument For a Rigged NFL

From 2006: "I had no idea what Shaun Alexander even looked like before last week and Matt Hasselbeck is a bald dork. God forbid they’re just athletes who are supposed to make their money out on the field first. No one wants to see these guys hawking Pepsi and Visa related items. Before you could say “the fix is in,” the fix was in."

“And while I respect the Seahawks fan base, they’ve still never tasted the sweet nectar of the Lombardi trophy and until they do that, they’re pretty much just Carolina Panthers fans.”


I wrote this in 2008 so I'm sure there's more albums that could now make this list. But for now, enjoy what were the most overrated at this point in history.

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The Broncos should say hello to the bye

"Since I’m not a blind follower of the Denver Broncos, I needed my faith to be renewed a wee bit by a game like this. And that faith was refilled like sweet berry wine in a golden chalice as they grabbed firm control of the division and sat down in the driver seat of the entire AFC."

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