John Reidy

John Reidy

I never really liked sports until I had a religious conversion when the Broncos lost to the 49ers in that one Super Bowl. Now I'm obsessed with all aspects of the Denver pro sports world. Oh yeah, hate college football. And I used to write a column for AV Club Denver but now am a full time contributor to this here site.

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South Stands Denver Fancast ep 236

We finally get the main man behind BSN Avalanche, AJ Haefele (@ajhaefele) in the bunker and pick his brain about all thing Avs, what's wrong with Denver media's coverage of the team and who generally sucks at it.

We talk about those Avs and the hot start and what to expect going forward. Then we delve into AJ's food idiosyncracies and what common food and drinks he's never had. 

The Broncos are discussed finally and Colin sticks to his prediction that the team will be 6-2 in two weeks. We'll see. Then we wrap up with a Headlines to Yardlines, some more Avs talk, the difference between Broncos fans and Avs fans what numbers they should or shouldn't retire for the Nuggets. 

We brought so much luck to the Broncos that one time we recorded at the Rosedale (formerly Boones) when the team played the Chargers on a Thursday night, we figured we should try it again. 

Not so much. 

It's a bummer of a show because you know how it turns out, but we have some fun, talk about the Broncos with Jake Marsing of 5280 Sports Net and out buddy Snyder who pops in for a bit. And we also eat some delicous food that we can't stop talking about. 

We get a little Rockies talk and some Nuggets chat in while also covering some Trump and what "locker room" talk is. 

The outcome of the game may be a bummer, but the show is another nice installment of the "recorded live" archive of the South Stands Denver Fancast. 

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Fantasy Life ep 10

When the Fantasy Life gets you down, you have to find a bright side and we do just that on this episode.

We talk a little fantasy hockey to start things off because John and Colin have a draft coming up and the importance of being there. 

Then we dive into some daily and try to make sense of this crazy fantasy football season.

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South Stands Denver Fancast ep 234

Former radio host, current baseball coach and soon to be manager of the Colorado Rockies, Reed Marks (@reedmarks) joins us to talk all kinds of Walt Weiss and Rockies. Reed explains while it was actually good and not bad that Walt left us and what the keys to the Rockies success are going forward. We go deep on this for awhile and it's fascinating stuff. We also talk a little Root, some Cavnar, there's a Tweep of the Week and we eventually get around to some hot Broncos talk if you can believe it. Rockies season is over and the sun has set on the Walt Weiss reign of terror. This show is a fitting send off to all of it.

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South Stands Repost with Joel Klatt!

No show this week so we thought it was a good time to repost this great show we did with Joel Klatt in 2013 before he became famous-er. Here's what we said at the time:


Wow. Just wow. The venerable Joel Klatt (@joelklatt) makes his debut on the South Stands Denver Fancast and it's a doozy. And two hours long. We talk all about Joel's past, present and future as a sports broadcaster. We get all all over it and talk some Nuggets, college football, concussions and an explanation of Tulo's "heavy legs." At some point we find out about why Joel says "Bruncos" instead of "Broncos."

=We ask Joel about the criticism of the Rockies and the way the broadcast crew handles it and how Joel handled the mania that was Tebowmania while he was in Denver. John bails out of a Juggalo or Raider fan, but Colin produces a crusty photo and we play anyway. We talk about germs and then get into an LA quiz to prepare Joel for his journey in Los Angeles.

Joel is a totally good dude, not only for coming in but for being a total pro during his time on the air in Denver and putting up with all of our (read: your) nonsense. We wish him well with his new gig with Fox Sports 1 starting in August.

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Fantasy Life ep 9

In this special episode of the Fantasy Life, we talk tons of daily with actual daily fantasy guru Dan Rutherford (@denver_dan) but before we take that deep plunge, John asks the age old question "when do you pull the plug on your season long leagues when you're doing crappy?"

Dan gives us his daily philosophies and reveals his very big haul in one particular tournament. Get those lineup set my dudes.

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South Stands Denver Fancast ep 233

The sole member of the 25 timer club, Renaud Notaro (@renknowitall) joins us for an epic show.

Renaud has been with us since the early days and we reminisce about some classic bits from a bygone era. Preppy Summer and the Horn O' Plenty are covered in loving detail.

Then we talk some Siemian and what direction Renaud thinks he's going. But then we take a Rockies detour and talk about the future of Walt Weiss. It's necessary. 

We talk all about his his sister's Amazon show One Mississippi, some more Broncos and some whiskey gets sipped. All hail Renaud, the greatest Fancast guest ever.

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Fantasy Life ep 8

Living dat Fantasy Life one week at a time. Colin, Scott and John talk about what we learned from week one and take a deep dive on the daily experience. Load up. Win weeks. Make money. Life is just a fantasy.

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South Stands Denver Fancast Show 232

Brandon Perna gets in the studio. 

That's Good Broncos and video bon vivant Brandon Perna (@BrandonPerna) makes his first appearance on the show and it's a doozy. We talk some Broncos, some gardening tips and Colin addresses his haters. A Headlines to Yardlines and when we finally get around to asking Perna about his history we learn a very, very, very interesting fact about how he broke into the video editing business. This one's a good'n. 

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Fantasy Life ep 7

Diving deep into week one of the fantasy football season, we here on the Fantasy Life go head first into post draft thoughts on players, an in depth look at daily strategies and traverse the treacherous terrain of things like the Vikings fantasy production. Live that life. The Fantasy Life.

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