John Reidy

John Reidy

I never really liked sports until I had a religious conversion when the Broncos lost to the 49ers in that one Super Bowl. Now I'm obsessed with all aspects of the Denver pro sports world. Oh yeah, hate college football. And I used to write a column for AV Club Denver but now am a full time contributor to this here site.

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South Stands Denver Fancast ep 246

The prodigal son, Nate Timmons (@NateTimmonsCSG) returns to the fancast for a very Nuggets filled show that veers off into the usual places. 

We barely talk Broncos and only occasionally touch on the Rockies and Avs. So if you don't like that, go listen to the Fan.

Colin comes up with a controversial plan to fix the NBA and is half heartedly poo-pooed. It's still interesting. We talk Mike Malone and how the fanbase is returning to the fold. John talks about his yellow and powder blue boner.

We were almost done and then we were reminded about Mike Evans being a radio professional who is clueless about anything non-football related and we dive back in for another 10 minutes tearing him a new anal pore.

Good stuff. Check out Nate on his Colorado Sports Guys podcast, which is awesome despite what we've said over the years.

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South Stands Denver Fancast ep 245

What a show.

Renaud Notaro (@renknowitall) joins us for an argumentive, celebratory, awesome show.

We make Renaud listen to New Order because he doesn't know who they are and we travel back in time.

Then we talk some Rockies, some of MY Nuggets and we talk about CU's legal issues. The fate of Kitty's south is discussed.

Colin debuts a new character, MC Keebler the white Nationalist rapper and it goes off the rails quick. 

Listen to Renaud's show on Mile High Sports on Thursday, they are going to blow the lid off it.


The great Brandon Perna (@brandonperna) saunters back into our lives for another fun filled (and fact filled) show where we talk Broncos, Vance Joseph, loads of Trump and the post Patriots world we live in. The first 15 minutes were lost so we dove back in and let the current take us where it pleased.

Any time Perna shows up, it's a good time. Enjoy.

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South Stands Denver Fancast ep 243

We class the place up as a a real live professor from CU Denver, Robert Montoya (@rmontoya2323) sits in and talks race, sports, Trump, Handsome Tom and everything in between.

Amidst the scintallating talk, we get in some Super Bowl chat and how John isn't interested. Then we get into some Rockies and go over some Super Bowl prop bets including what Lady Gaga will open with and what penalty will be called first.

If you're a SNOWFLAKE who can't handle hot talk, don't listen to this show.

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South Stands Denver Fancast ep 242

The boys welcome in Destiny Rose (@_destinyrose23) a great young sports media talent, die hard sports fan and former assistant to the great Woody Paige.

We talk loads of Broncos, future Broncos QB Philip Rivers, some Around the Horn and why the lesser Denver teams can't keep the transplant fans away. Colin does a decent, but long imitation of Mark Schlereth and we start yelling about the Vance Joseph allegations and whether they're relevant. 

We had technical difficulties the nigth before and Destiny was kind enough to come back second night and it was well worth it.

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South Stands Denver Fancast ep 241

Lawyer, real estate mogul and more importantly Renaud Notaro's partner on the Final Verdict (Mon-Thurs, 6-8pm) on Mile High Sports Dan Jacobs (@dantjacobslaw), joins us for a lil' Broncos talk.

But first we talk some Soicher, and then we dive headlong into the Broncos coaching hire of Vance Joseph and Dan has some very strong opinions on it.

We get into some discussion of the Broncos ownership going forward and which children are the competent ones. Some Romo talk and Dan finds out we don't give two figs about college football. Then we round it out with some Headlines to Yardlines.

Revel or wallow in the new Broncos coach hiring on the latest ep of Denver's hottest sports pod.

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South Stands Denver Fancast ep 240

Good pal, 104.3 The Fan producer and DU Hoops play by play guy Raj Sharan (@raj_sharan) sits in again for another show with John and Colin.

We talk Broncos, Nuggets, Colin's obsession with Ally Sturm and we go on a lengthy jag about DC and Marvel movies. 

Raj talk about how the fast play by play of basketball is easier than the slower pace of baseball and we get some final impressions on who the the next Denver Broncos coach will be.

Definetly let Raj know which version of Batman v Superman you like better.

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South Stands Denver Fancast ep 239

We're back. And just in time for Handsome Tom week.

Don't be fooled by imitiations, The SSD Fancast is the original worshippers of all things Brady and we deliver an action packed show with 5280 Sportsnet's @jakedmarsing.

We talk Rockies, Nugs and of wouldn't be show without going deep on YOUR Denver Broncos. And we nominate a host of people for our first ever Worst Broncos Fans bracket that we will be launching shortly.

A great show where we honor Handsome Tom and some good info from rising Denver media star Mr. Marsing.

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South Stands Denver Fancast ep 238

The first podcast from Trump's America and it's a doozy.

Are there some sports talked? Probably. But this episode is a meditation on the state of the country, it's people and what it means going forward. Oh and John goes off on some people for being wormy, douchebag Denver sports media fuckheads.

Then we talk some Broncos and we cram in just enough Rockies to qualify this as a sports podcast. 

Live it, love it and God Bless America.

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South Stands Denver Fancast ep 237

A South Stands Trio show with Colin, John and Scott. We get deep into the World Series, the Cubs and what this means for the Rockies. 

Eddie Vedder's terrible Cubs song and why the hell he's even involved with it is discussed and later, Colin tells a story about watching the game with a friend with a horrible ending.

We get a little political and then talk a little Nuggets and how we can't get no rainbow skyline merch with current players' names on it. And then there's some Broncos talk and how Trevor Siemian is actually bad and not good. There were some audio difficulties but if you're putting up with poor QB play from the Broncos, this won't bother you a bit.

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