John Reidy

John Reidy

I never really liked sports until I had a religious conversion when the Broncos lost to the 49ers in that one Super Bowl. Now I'm obsessed with all aspects of the Denver pro sports world. Oh yeah, hate college football. And I used to write a column for AV Club Denver but now am a full time contributor to this here site.

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South Stands LIVE ep 255: Wipe Finger

For the first time, mainstay of of the Denver sports radio scene, Josh Dover (@joshuadover) makes his way to the bunker for a great show.

We talk about fighting with people on Twitter, The Faith Day controversy, and people petitioning for Colin to unblock them.

Then we dig deep into the Broncos and the manufactured drama surrounding the Broncos QB situation. Josh says it’s a Broncos Town and then apologizes to John.

We cover the Sandy Clough situation and how the media in general has become beta cucks to the Broncos.

A great “Headlines to Yardlines”, we talk some Rockies and then Josh tells us a horrible story about a media member not washing his hands after taking a dump. Colin relays a rumor about the Rapids that is pretty damn cool.

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South Stands LIVE ep 254: Rox slide

A hell of a show for Rockies fans and those sliding off the bandwagon as we welcome back BSN Rockies sage Drew Creasman (@drewcreasman) and for the first time, the hardest working (and youngest looking) man on the beat Jake Shapiro (@shapalicious).

We get deep into the Rockies slide, the hot start and where we go from there. We talk some music, some comic book movies and some MARK STOUT if you can believe it.

A real fun show with some great info (and some Broncos analogies for those who are baseball impaired) with some dudes who are really turning heads with their coverage of the Rockies at Enjoy

Denver sports media madman Ryan Edwards (@redwardsradio) makes a triumphant return to the bunker and he brings with him loads of Rockies, Broncos and hot sports talk. 

We discuss the Terry Frei incident and even offer some free BBQ at Wayne's Smoke Shack for the best Frei-ku detaling the incident. 

The show goes on its usual tangents but there is some great tidbits about YOUR Broncos and MY Rockies to digest while you're waiting for Ryan's next show on Mile Hight Sports, weekdays from 9-11. Dig it all.

The great Nate Kreckman (@natekreckman) joins us for ripping show where we get deep into transplant talk right away. 

We talk about tolerating the behavior of players on your team who do bad stuff, and an unlikely person (Aqib Talib) changes minds.

Brockmire and Jonah Keri talk, the Man Romper (even though it's played out) and how to pee with it on.

Colin's new shirt slogan "If you believe in the Patriarchy, you've never met my wife" is revealed.

A little Trump talk, we read three anti-Rockies tweets and decide which one is the worst. Which prompts a discussion about walk up songs and COORS.

Then we play a great TV theme game with a twist.

Check out Nate, he's one of the best in town, on Altitude radio 950, 3-6 every day.


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Requiem for the transplant fan

"So a group of morons who can band together a few times a year in their new adopted home will naturally lean to becoming rather obnoxious. I get that too. If I lived in San Diego, where the Broncos enjoy a healthy home field advantage, I’d be there rooting on my team. But I wouldn’t be a total dick about it. But that’s just me."

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South Stands Live! Show 251

We're back and Brandon Perna is back too! We're still waiting for his camera to come back from outer Mongolia to do our live video show, but until then, enjoy this very entertaining pod.

Oh boy do we talk some Broncos and then we get into some Colber/Trump/Putin cock holster talk which swings into racist Boston fans hurling racial insults at Adam Jones.

We talk Albuquerque Green Chile Cheesburgers, Jake Butt and then lovingly talk about green chile for awhile. Colin tells a tale of beating up a veteran at Coors Field and we play a game called "What's My Name Bitch" Broncos draft edition.

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South Stands Denver Fancast ep 250!

It's the 250th show.

So we get really raunchy at first (just like old times) and then we dive deep into some Rockies, Carmelo and some Broncos. There are a few detours. This was a fun and cathartic show, much like the 249 before it. Enjoy. 

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South Stands Denver Fancast Show 249

Back with the audio pod until we get pretty enough to not break the camera.

This time we welcome in for the very first time, Rockies beat writer and BSN mainstay, Drew Creasman (@drewcreasman) who talks all kinds of Rockies and gets to geek out on some hot Radiohead talk later on. 

Drew brings some nice perspective to this young Rockies season and quells our fears that it's just business as usual down on Blake street. Colin tries a new bit involving Hitler and it goes over better than Sean Spicer's stab at it.

Good baseball talk to get you in the mood for summer in Denver. Follow Drew and @BSNRockies on Twitter.

It's a new show! Kind of.

We're now teaming up with the amazing Brandon Perna (@brandonperna) to bring you the Souths Stands as a live, streaming show once a week soon. This was a test run and even though the camera literally died after 35 minutes, we think we have something special.

We continued on for the rest of the show and talked Andy Reid erotic fan fiction, John Elway's letterhead, celebrations in sports and Colin Mansplained a little sports.

We'll get the show back up and running in two weeks and more live video will come your way in April. To see 35 minutes of tonight's show, go here.

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South Stands Denver Fancast ep 247

Yet another prodigal son hunkers in the bunker as we welcome back Zach Fogg (@zachfoggsports) aka Honey Bear for a fantastic show about the Avs, Tony Romo and the Rockies. Zach has an opinion on all of those topics if you can imagine that.

John talks about putting another pet down, we talk some fantasy baseball (briefly) and Colin has a confusing Tweep of the Week.

Zach will be debuting a new hockey podcast on 5280 Sports Net, so look for that soon. It's great the have the Honey Bear back.

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