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Colin D.

I've been a little more out of the loop lately than I like to be when it comes to the goings on amongst members of the Denver sports media. As such I late to learn that Adrian Dater had been suspended by the Denver Post for his behavior in social media on Monday Night. I have since put together bits and pieces but luckily Deadspin dredged up all of the messiness.

After reading their piece today I totally understand why the paper was forced to shut down its beat writer for the first two weeks of the NHL season. 

I generally support using words like "pussy" and telling PC assholes to go fuck themselves but I am not being paid a salary by an outlet like the Post. Dater clearly screwed the pooch on this one and far overstepped his bounds. It's not all that surprising since he is known as sort of a hot head but it is disappointing. Dater is lucky he wasnt fired.

Read the Deadspin piece here.

"But even if he turns out to be the next Billy Bean the Rockies will have screwed up royally by making the hire as quickly as they did."

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It's already week five and our intreped NFL gamblers are feeling the heat in our $10,000 NFL wager-off. This week one or two of them went for broke on a road favorite prime time ... on Sunday night and got bitten badly.

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We finally saw the Broncos we signed up for on Sunday. Despite continued struggles in the running game it was a record breaking day for the offense and the defense gave us a thrill we haven't had in two years. This was a fun one to watch - and to see unfold on Twitter. From the originators of the Tweetcap we bring you the week five #Tweetrospective. Is your Tweet in there?

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One should admire Brandon Spano's confidence. Not only did the boastful radio host make the Bengals -1 @ Patriots his "lock of the week" in picking NFL games versus the spread last week, he told his listeners that if the Patriots were to beat the Cincy squad that he would get a Patriots tattoo on his rear end.

Spano made this assurance not once but several times, including during Saturday morning's "Mile High Sports Magazine Show" on 104.3 the Fan. Spano doubtlessly had his largest audience of the week for that broadcast so his promise to scar his body in deference to Belichick and Brady rang out wide and far.

Now we wait to find out if Brandon Spano is a man of his word or just the kind of guy who will say stuff just to say stuff. Assuming he is going to go through with the tatting, we recommend something about like this:


After four weeks of betting with imaginary money only one of our five gamblers is in the black. Is it Colin, Reidy, Scott, Snyder or Spano? How bad off are the others?


The fabulously remodeled Boone's Tavern at Downing and Evans is THE place to catch all NFL games - but ESPECIALLY on Monday Nights. Boone's offers awesome specials and Peyton Manning jersey giveaways every Monday during football season. AND at half time of any MNF game that preceeds a  Denver home game they also have a drawing for a pair of tickets to that upcoming home game. SO go watch the Chiefs embarrass themselves TONIGHT and get in the hunt for tickets to Sunday's Arizona @ Denver tilt. AND suppport a sponsor that supports our content.

"The playoffs, assuming the Nuggets make it there, will offer only more of what we have all gotten used to - a rapid exit for an undermanned Denver team."

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Our intreped bettors have been given $10,000 imaginary dollars each with which to gamble this NFL season. Each week they must pony up at least 10% but no more than 50% of their bankrolls. Each was profitable in week three. Can their success carry over to this week?  Here's how they wagered.


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