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Colin D.

Five of us are competing this season in a $10K season-long NFL wager-off. Each week each player may put between 10% and 50% of his bankroll into play, betting lines, over / unders, even two and three bet parlays. The format has worked out better for some competitors than for others. After six NFL weekends two of our bettors are in the black and three are in the red - one more badly than the others. Which of our prognosticators has almost whiffed his wad away?

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"The Broncos rushed for 64 yards against the Colts and lost 33-39. They rushed for 19 yards against the Chargers and lost 20-27 and, of course, in the biggest game of all, they rushed for 27 yards and lost to the Seattle Seahawks 43-8."

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Week five saw some separation begin between the winners and losers in our season-long $10,000 wager off. A couple of our bettors are in pretty serious trouble. Can they get it turned around in week six?

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"NFL Pink" is pretty much bullshit

"Pink is OK matched with Colts blue and white but it's absolutely brutal looking next to Bengals orange. Televisions are really, really good now and the visual assault the NFL launches on fans this time of year is almost too much to take. What makes it even worse is knowing that the NFL's "pink October" campaign is pretty much bullshit."

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The Avalanche don't drop the puck until 7 pm and Thursday night football always sucks balls so forget about all that noise and tune in to Mile High Sports Radio FM 94.1 this evening to hear Colin Daniels crack wise with the new queen of sports talk, Krissi Bex (@KrissiBex). We'll bring you the latest on Adrian Peterson, wonder aloud if the Rockies will ever get any better, scoff at the Nuggets' playoff hopes and preview the Avalanche season.

"Despite some early success with the then Mark Sanchez led Jets, Rex Ryan has pretty well proven that he can't get the job done in New York. His Jets are reeling once again in 2014 and it appears that he is on his way out as coach."

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I've been a little more out of the loop lately than I like to be when it comes to the goings on amongst members of the Denver sports media. As such I late to learn that Adrian Dater had been suspended by the Denver Post for his behavior in social media on Monday Night. I have since put together bits and pieces but luckily Deadspin dredged up all of the messiness.

After reading their piece today I totally understand why the paper was forced to shut down its beat writer for the first two weeks of the NHL season. 

I generally support using words like "pussy" and telling PC assholes to go fuck themselves but I am not being paid a salary by an outlet like the Post. Dater clearly screwed the pooch on this one and far overstepped his bounds. It's not all that surprising since he is known as sort of a hot head but it is disappointing. Dater is lucky he wasnt fired.

Read the Deadspin piece here.

"But even if he turns out to be the next Billy Bean the Rockies will have screwed up royally by making the hire as quickly as they did."

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It's already week five and our intreped NFL gamblers are feeling the heat in our $10,000 NFL wager-off. This week one or two of them went for broke on a road favorite prime time ... on Sunday night and got bitten badly.

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