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Colin D.

"The newest changes in Denver Sports talk radio are coming to 104.3 the Fan and  would seem to have been precipitated by the results of a survey the station sent out to listeners last month."

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"If the Nuggets are tanking it would be nice for the fans to be informed. If they aren't tanking they're just a goddamn disaster."

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Our season-long NFL wager-off continues and our bettors continue to take a beating. Each began with an imaginary $10K bankroll to take on the year with. While success has been fleeting we did see two of our wagerers save their hydes this week. One of them scored the biggest win of the season so far.

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"As much as we all want to believe that Osweiler is learning under Manning and that he will, at some point, be unleashed as the heir apparent to 18’s throne, the odds are really far better that Brock moves on to start somewhere else."

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Another week, another chance for our bettors to make good in our season-long $10K NFL wager-off. Each of our competitors (except one) began the year with an imaginary bankroll with which to bet the entire NFL season. Week eight was ugly for all of them. Did everybody take it on thew chin again in week nine?

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"While there’s little question that a victory on Sunday would be a fantastic boon to the Broncos’ season, it’s wrong to assume that a loss would carry devastating consequences. In fact, the Broncos can lose on Sunday with little concern at all."

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"Something went awry then, causing the all-too-sudden cancellation of the Reed Marks show."

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It was not a pretty week in our season long 10K NFLwager-off. In fact, week eight was a bloodbath. Even our newest competitor got slain by the lines this week - and we're not even paying an imaginary vig!!

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Tuesday, 28 October 2014 20:12

Champ must retire a Bronco

We're not normally the pomp and circumstance types around here but on this issue we agree - Champ Bailey, who announced his retirement from the NFL today despite "interest from a couple teams" in his services, should be signed to a one-day contract so that he may retire a Denver Bronco.

Bailey was drafted by the Washington dead Indians in 1999 and traded to Denver in 2004 for running back Clinton what's-his-name. The legendary corner went to twelve Pro-Bowls in fifteen seasons - primarily as a Bronco. 

Champ will go down in Denver lore as one of the finest defensive players ever to don the Orange and Blue. 

A new wagerer joins our contest this week in Dan Fellman of Mile High Sports who opens with a $5,000 balance. Spano is holding on to his bankroll (barely) and still only two of us are in the black. How will our bettors fare in week 8?

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