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Colin D.

"The sale is, according to Denver Post television reporter, Joanne Ostrow, likely to cause dozens of Lincoln Financial employees to lose their jobs."

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Thursday, 04 December 2014 00:10

Godspeed, Adrian Dater. Godspeed.

"Well, the communications must have been real. She was, if her Twitter account was to be believed, quite upset with Dater for his actions and she launched a personal campaign to see that he was fired. And apparently he was."

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"Deadspin has once again become interested in Dater’s exploits on Twitter. This time the site was contacted by a female hockey fan who provided screen grabs of some rather creepy DMs the hockey writer allegedly sent her."

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Most of the wagerers continue to tread water in our $10K season-long NFL wager-off, but this week one won really big and another lost the same way.


What have we learned since starting our first ever $10K season-long NFL wager-off?? It's hard, that's what. We're not even paying a "vig" and most of our wagerers have struggled to stay above water. Still we did have one winner this week!

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"The industry has cleverly slipped into the loopholes left in the gaming act and in doing so has essentially replaced online poker as the most popular form of internet gambling."


Whoa Nelly! Week eleven in our season-long $10K NFL wager-off was the toughest one yet for a couple of our five wagerers. While none of our players has had an exceptionally good year, all remain in the game as we head toward the stretch run of the NFL regular season.

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"Better now than later, I say. Better for the fans. Better for the team. Not only do the Broncos now have a better perspective on how they might be beaten when the chips are down, Broncos Country now knows to adjust expectations."

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"The newest changes in Denver Sports talk radio are coming to 104.3 the Fan and  would seem to have been precipitated by the results of a survey the station sent out to listeners last month."

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"If the Nuggets are tanking it would be nice for the fans to be informed. If they aren't tanking they're just a goddamn disaster."

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