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Our week 5 NFL picks VS the spread

Our week 5 NFL picks VS the spread

Both Colin and Reidy took a beating in week 4.  At this point in the season Colin has a 2 game edge against Reidy which could quickly evaporate.

In case you wondering, we retrieve our lines from every Thursday.

Week 4 was TOUGH.  It's a darn good thing that Colin and Reidy aren't gamblers because they would have lost their asses.

Week 3 was a fun one with plenty of upsets to go around. The NFL is an enigma once again. Parity is awesome.

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Our week 4 NFL picks VS the spread

Colin edged Reidy out in week 3, posting a 10-6 VS Reidy’s 9-7. Their better-late-than- never pick-off is now in full swing. What spoils for to victor? Stay tuned. Remember, neither of us or are putting our money where our mouths are. We’re not gamblers. We do have a Sports Show.

Forgive me for being late to the party, but I just finished watching a fine bit of cinema entitled Hot Tub Time Machine. It’s a moderately funny paean to the 80’s that involves a magic Jacuzzi. The film tinkers with the notion of time being flexible and changeable all folded in to a stew of potty humor. This works for the characters in the film, but it spells out a bleak future for none other than the Denver Broncos.

In the very same week that the enormously mouthed former Broncos TE Shannon Sharpe learned that he was a finalist for the NFL Hall of Fame he has been forced to step aside as a CBS sports commentator due to some pretty heinous accusations by a woman named Michele Bundy.  In a state of Georgia "Family Violence" complaint (viewable at Sports By Brooks), Bundy accuses Sharpe of repeatedly raping and stalking her.  Bundy has been awarded a restraining order against Sharpe.

Never trust a woman who's first name is spelled incorrectly.  Bad news.  The first mistake Michele Bundy's parents made was forgetting one of the L's.  Subsequent errors in child rearing led to Bundy becoming a falsely-accusing hyper-freak in her adult life. 

Bundy, who petitioned Georgia authorities for a restraining order against former all-pro Bronco Tight End Shannon Sharpe, asserted that Sharpe forced her to have sex with him repeatedly and that he was "stalking" her.  Something about Shannon Sharpe "stalking" a women sounded kind of odd to most people.  Still, Sharpe stepped aside from him analyst role with CBS until the matter could be resolved.

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Suck it, Chargers fans.

According to this article from, the Chargers' home opener will be BLACKED OUT in San Diego because the team hasn't sold the game out.   The HOME OPENER!!  This from a franchise that most people assume is a shoe-in to take the AFC West this year.  We already knew that Chargers fans were assholes but this seals it.

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Do you remember the Seattle Seahawks?

Fuck realignment.  I miss hating the Seahawks and admiring them at the same time.

The Broncos / Seahawks rivalry within the good old AFC West (back when it included 5 teams) was at it's hottest in the early to mid eighties when I was in my formative fan years.  My dad and his occasional pals would spit venom at the TV every time Steve Largent snagged the ball.  Somehow the Seahawks stand out for me.

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Rockslide! Reidy called it.

Give John Reidy,  our resident Sports Columnist (he writes for the AV Club Denver / Boulder ), credit.  He called this.  John's on the record having said that Colorado would go on a mighty tear in September followed by a disappointing slide.  After dropping one to the D-Bags tonight in Arizona the Rockies have lost 3 in a row - all to clearly inferior teams.  The "Sans", Fransisco and Diego, are pulling away.

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