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Colin D.

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Our week 7 NFL picks VS the spread

How to Colin and Reidy see it going down in week 7?  Find out after the jump.
Colin and John went head to head in week 6.  Both were helped off.

I can't imagine a more emotional, bitter Broncos loss than the one they suffered today.

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Ten NFL announcer cliches we are sick of

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Our week 6 NFL picks VS the spread

Better late than never.  Here are Colin and Reidy's week 6 NFL picks VS the spread...

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Thanks, Internet.

We ganked this hilarious chart from a web blog.  Good stuff.  Thanks, internet.


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Av's off to a fast start

Your Colorado Avalanche are 3-1 after bedeviling New Jersey tonight.



philip-riversWeek 5 didn't turn out too well for Philip Rivers and his mighty chokers.  How did it go for our prognosticators?
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How often did Favre's approach work?

Brett Favre is busted.  Tiger woods style., the TMZ of Sports, is breaking yet another story about the old Dongslinger's inappropriate advances towards unwilling women.

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Our week 5 NFL picks VS the spread

Our week 5 NFL picks VS the spread

Both Colin and Reidy took a beating in week 4.  At this point in the season Colin has a 2 game edge against Reidy which could quickly evaporate.

In case you wondering, we retrieve our lines from every Thursday.

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