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Colin D.

Colin D.

"What greater tribute could there be to a man that has brought Denver not one, not two, but three Super Bowl championships than to name the stadium after him? "

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"Ally Sturm is certainly younger and arguably hotter than Starks and you can bet that she’s also a whole lot less expensive"

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"When it comes to local sport talk radio, some commercials are more difficult than others to swallow"

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Saturday, 24 October 2015 21:06

Adrian Dater Lives!

"As all of Avs Land will recall, Dater got himself canned it just about the most embarrassing way possible. He flirted up a young female hockey fan named Maria Camacho on Twitter, told her he “won’t argue with a woman” and then asked her to send sexy photos via text message."

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After three weeks only one of the seven wagerers in our season-long NFL wager-off versus the spread has lost any piece of his original imaginary $10,000. Care to wager who that is? The results of the contest after three weeks are now posted. Click the read more link below.

As the NFL season rolls on so does our season-long NFL wager-off in which our seven bettors compete with $10,000 in imaginary dough, wagering up to half their bankrolls each week. Here are the results and balances after two weeks.

Once again this season our intrepeted sports bettors are competing in a season-long wager off usingimaginary fundage. After one week all but one of our bettors has earned a profit. The one who didn't placed half his imaginary money on the Vikes. Ouch. So how do Colin, John, Snyder, Spano, Fellman and Castle Rock Josh see it going down in week two? Click the read more link and find out.

Football is back and luckily so is the lovely Christina (@yeswhatIsaygoes) with her weekly NFL picks videos. Here's her take on week two.

Football is back and so is the South Stands Denver season-long NFL wager-off. This season our bettors, Colin Daniels, John Reidy, Producer Scott Stafford, Brandon Spano, Snyder and Castle Rock Josh will place five imaginary wagers with one relating to the Broncos game that week. They can bet lines or over / unders. Each player begins the year with $10,000 fake bucks and must bet at least ten percent (but not more than 50%) every week. Here are the fellows' wagers for week one.

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"The Brandon Spano Network is now “Broad Spectrum News” (because it’s less douchey)"

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