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Colin D.

Colin D.

"Fenway has “Sweet Caroline”; the Giants have McCovey Cove; the Angels have a dancing monkey and the Pirates have Primanti Brothers but up until Jenny all we had was a stupid humidor."



If God’s not Broncos fan why are sunsets orange? Don’t answer that.

Here’s a better question: why would God - or any other Broncos fan  - buy GREEN shit to represent the Orange and Blue?

Despite his overwhelming qualifications for the task, however, I have decided not to cast my vote for Alan Roach. For one simple reason I am supporting Altitude’s Vic Lombardi. It’s because it had become clear that if Vic doesn’t win he’s going to talk about it every day on his morning radio show, the Vic Lombardi show on AM 950 KKSE. Click the read more link below.

"Between Avalanche and Nuggets games I tune into Altitude TV nearly every day through the winter months and I watch the Rockies on AT&T Sports Net in the summers. Neither of those channels are available from DirecTV Now, Playstation Vue, Hulu Live, Sling, YouTube TV or any of the other streaming services I researched."

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"In replacing Mark Haas Channel 4 made the most intriguing hires I can remember since Altitude brought on Vic Lombardi. The station awarded the job to former Denver Broncos cheerleader and media personality Romi Bean."

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Maybe he’s got the flu. It’s going around. Or maybe it’s something else; but the Denver Post’s Avalanche beat writer seems to have gone missing.


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"Interestingly, BSN Denver has been very kind in encouraging the public to support the Denver Post’s transition to the subscription model. Chambers, however, clings to the antiquated notion that his lofty perch as a newspaper man somehow makes he and his superior to the “bloggers” who dare cover hockey."


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"Do the Broncos fear that in the absence of a new naming rights partner that people will begin to refer to it as “Mile High Stadium” again?"


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"Truthfully, when it comes to Denver sports talk radio the changes never stop. Our friends at 104.3 the Fan have announced lineup changes that are scheduled to begin next week."

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"But then I recalled the last time I tried to read an article at the Denver Post’s website. It was a hellish experience. A massive pop-up ad filled my monitor and I wildly clicked at it in an effort to make it go away but I killed my browser window instead."

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