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Oh, Brother. Vance’s wasn’t the only Joseph sex-pended by CU in 2004

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"Naturally, the suit put the school on high alert for instances that could be construed as sexual assaults."

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The Denver sports media has quickly and happily moved on from the discussion surrounding Vance Joseph and his alleged sexual assaults whilst working as an assistant coach at the University of Colorado. This despite Joseph’s failure to straightforwardly address the issue. Outlets that cover the Broncos know that it’s not a topic the team wants to see drilled into. The team has enough egg on its face already. Continuing to delve into the issue would doubtlessly result in disciplinary action being taken by the Broncos against whichever media outlet had the nerve not to drop it.

The story of Vance Joseph’s boner rubbing ways broke almost as soon as he was hired, but Joseph himself remained mum prior to speaking with Nicki Jhabvala of the Denver Post a week later. His explanation then confused matters more than it resolved them.

Joseph told Jhabvala that allegations that he 1) had sex with a female student in a CU facility and 2) stripped naked and rubbed his erect self against two unwelcoming coeds in their off-campus apartment were “false”. Curiously, though, he went on to provide a barrage of canned excuses such as: I was a young guy and it showed to my immaturity and irresponsibility in my life when I was younger.” and “Everyone who knows me knows that I try to live my life the right way, and I regret that my name is even associated with this.”

So...are the allegations false or is Vance Joseph sorry? Based on his own contradictions it’s difficult to say. What remains clear, however, is that the accusations that were levied against the then assistant coach were poorly timed. The University of Colorado was smack dab in the middle of a massive Title IX lawsuit in 2004 when Joseph was disciplined. The suit, which would not be settled until 2007,  asserted that the school  allowed an environment to exist which permitted sexual assaults of all kinds.

The woman at the heart of the $2.8M suit was Lisa Simpson who claimed that she was raped by CU football players in 2001 at a party she hosted to which players brought new recruits. The suit alleged that the school was aware that players and recruits frequently engaged in sexual assaults on or near campus and that the school did little to prevent it. Naturally, the suit put the school on high alert for instances that could be construed as sexual assaults.

Having been accused by multiple women, Vance Joseph was placed on administrative leave by CU in April, 2004.

But wait! There’s more!

Vance Joseph’s little brother, Sammy Joseph, then a cornerback for the Buffs had already been suspended for four games by the school three months earlier. Yes, you read that correctly. Vance wasn’t the only Joseph causing sexy trouble for the university.

Sammy was one of four CU players suspended for “allegedly” violating recruiting rules by using strippers, escorts and alcohol-fueled parties as recruitment tools. Coach Gary Barnett had little choice but to suspend the kids involved.

Oh, but it gets better.

By June of 2004, four months after the younger of the Boner Bros was suspended and two months after the elder, Sammy Joseph up and left the University claiming that he was treated poorly because he was black. He transferred to LSU to be closer to his home town of New Orleans.

Speaking of LSU, Vance’s older brother Mickey is the new receivers’ coach for the Tigers. No word as to what kinds of boner trouble Mickey may have encountered in the past.

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