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Vance Joseph didn’t do it but apparently he’s really sorry

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"Ummmm. Okay, Vance. That’s swell. But which is it? Were the allegations “false” or are you sorry? "


The ongoing controversy regarding newly-minted Denver Broncos head coach Vance Joseph’s alleged sexual misdoings as an assistant coach at the University of Colorado has begun to attract local and national media attention. As much as Denver’s PR guru Patrick Smyth and the rest of the Broncos organization would have loved for the Joseph story to have remained buried deeply in the past it has re-emerged to the extent that the coach himself has responded. Joseph spoke yesterday with Nicki Jhabvala of the Denver Post. Unfortunately his comments provided neither clarity nor closure.

While explaining that the accusations made against him by three different former female athletic trainers at CU were “false” Joseph gave lent them credibility by also apologizing.

“For myself, for my family, for the Denver Broncos, I’m disappointed and embarrassed.” He told Jhabvala, “I was a young guy and it showed to my immaturity and irresponsibility in my life when I was younger.”

Ummmm. Okay, Vance. That’s swell. But which is it? Were the allegations “false” or are you sorry?

Joseph continues, “I’ve grown so much and that’s why I’m disappointed, because I’ve grown so much as a person, as a coach, as a father, as a husband. Everyone who knows me knows that I try to live my life the right way, and I regret that my name is even associated with this.”

It’s not terribly difficult to read between the lines where Joseph’s comments to the Denver Post are concerned. Basically, he is saying that he was young, dumb and full of cum; he totally did rub his penis on some women and he really wishes now that he hadn’t.

Vance Joseph’s most convincing defense is that no charges were ever filed against him by any of his three accusers and that aside from being shipped out by the University of Colorado he faced zero consequences for his actions.

It’s true. The University, which had more that its share of sexually-charged troubles at the time (culminating in a $2.8M Title IX lawsuit) , managed to successfully quash the Joseph story before it actually became a story. But these things tend to rear their ugly heads again when individuals attain a certain status. Head Coach of the Denver Broncos is a mighty lofty position for one to hold. It should come as no shock to Vance Joseph or to the team they find themselves trying to downplay this story now that he is in the public spotlight.

How much did the Broncos know? Well, they now claim to have been aware of the allegations. If that’s the case then Patrick Smyth and the Broncos intentionally and knowingly attempted to keep the story buried while celebrating their new hire. It’s possible, though, that Joseph disclosed only part of the story to the team. Maybe the Broncos only knew about the steam room sex with an underling portion and were unaware of the part where he stripped naked and crawled into bed with two different unwilling women part.

Regardless of what they knew and what they didn’t the Broncos currently face several legitimate questions about their new head coach above and beyond the obvious ones about his very qualifications for the job.

For a man to remove his clothes, enter uninvited into a woman’s bed and begin to rub is erect penis on her is not normal behavior. It involves crossing a rubicon that responsible males, drunk or not, just won’t cross. It indicates more than just youthful ignorance. It indicates a selfishness and a disrespect for women that a “leader of men” should not possess. It’s a form of rape. That Joseph was a married man at the time - a married man with a daughter - only makes the matter more shocking and speaks even more to the quality of Vance Joseph’s character.

Vance Joseph’s shaky non-denial in the Denver Post only served to breathe more life into this story. It’s not going to simply up and go away - and the more Joseph speaks on the matter the more likely it is that somebody else will, too; perhaps an accuser.  

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