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"Drew"ing conclusions: Soicher's done at 9 News

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2016 has been an awful year for celebrity deaths but the sports fans of Denver would probably be cool with one more if it happened to be Drew Soicher's career at channel 9 that perished right before the new year. 

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It seems as though everybody involved with local media - and particularly in TV news - is subject to replacement after a time. The more tenured an on-air personality is the more money he or she is likely paid. For decades the trend has been to replace veteran personalities with younger and less expensive ones. The Denver market has seen this occur many, many times. Most recently the great Adele Arakawa announced her retirement from 9 News, a retirement that was reportedly forced by the station in an effort to cut costs.

Today South Stands Denver has recieved word that long time 9 News sports anchor Drew Soicher is probably also getting the ax as soon as tomorrow. In fact, we're hearing that Friday, December 30th, 2016 will likely be Soicher's final day at the station.

We're not going to dance on Soicher's grave. He's apparently a really nice guy. One co-worker told me that Drew is "a really dedicated husband, father & son who adores his family - and backs it up with his actions." But he's an absolutely terrible sports anchor in our estimation. We have begged for his removal many times, most recently in 2015. Our feelings toward Soicher and his schtick are widely shared. There's even a change.org petition begging 9 News to can him and a Twitter account simply called @fireDrewSoicher.    

"Drew's Clues", "Win Lose or Drew", "Strange But Drew", "Drew or False", "Bobblehead Theater" and the sea-lion-centric "Nick's Picks" are all Soicher staples that the Denver market will be better without. San Francisco certainly was.  

And who can forget Soicher's ill-advised Pat Bowlen joke

Soicher's weekday duties will likely be handled by the very talented Rod Mackey along with youngsters Aaron Matas and Taylor Temby.

Ding Dong. The witch is dead.

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