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Root Rox broadcast crew ranked almost dead last in national poll

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If you're not nuts about the Root Sports Rocky Mountain Rockies' broadcast crew you're not alone. 

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Not every baseball broadcaster can rank among the greats but it's not shocking that those under the employ of Root Sports Rocky Mountain are nowhere close.

The 2016 local TV MLB Announcer Ratings as compiled by the fantastic site Awful Announcing have the Root crew very close to the bottom of the heap in all of American baseball broadcasting.  Their analysis of Goodman, Huson and Spilborghs is less than friendly and it's based on the feedback of poll respondents: 

"So this is strange – the Rockies crew had a nearly identical rating two years ago, but leapfrogged two teams (Nationals, Cardinals) due to the declines of those teams. The Rockies also received, by far, the fewest A votes of any team, and were one of just two teams to not crack 10% A votes. They couldn’t even break 5%! Also, no team had a higher percentage of C votes than the Rockies – nearly 45%.

The Root crew was ranked 29th of 32 MLB broadcast teams. That's pretty harsh. Drew Goodman is actually very, very good but unfortunately he is paired with Jeff Huson who is terrible. If Root wants to improve the crew instantly it can move Huson out and bring Jenny Cavnar in to do color commentary. She would be the only woman doing the job in the country and she would be a major upgrade over Huson.

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