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Jekyll, Hyde, Denver Nuggets

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The Bulls lost their eleventh game of the season tonight to the alter ego of your Denver Nuggets.

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They were everything we thought they weren't tonight.

The Nuggets were nasty, they were consistent, they played their asses off. Really. Shots were dropping for them, too. 

Their 108-91 win against Chicago tonight was their biggest of the season by far. After two miserable losses to middling squads they came out tonight and looked like superstars.

What made the difference? My Twitter friend, @NBAMistress, told me that she though it was the play of Ty Lawson. That HE is the leader of this team and that his asserting his dominance made the difference:

"Point guards set the tone, more often than not, With Gallo out, this is Lawsons team. This game is evident of that"

"You can say Lawson doesn't set the tone all you want, but it is true. Past few games Lawson has taken a step back from it all."

Whatever it was, we will take it. Everybody wants to see the Nuggets make the playoffs. Tonight they took a huge step in the right direction with a victory over the team with the NBA's best regular season record.

Their schedule gets easier for the next couple of games. The Nuggets head to Toronto on Wednesday and Charlotte on Friday. Two winnable games.

The Nuggets saved their season tonight. Everybody can back away from the cliff. Hopefully the strangers who hit the floor in Chicago tonight continue to replace the Nuggets we have come to know. 


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