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Did the Rockies just begin their downward spiral?

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The revolution will not be televised. Thankfully, neither was the Rockies’ 5-4 loss to the Nationals out at Coors Field today.

This loss could be the one to precipitate the Rockies’ seemingly inevitable downward spiral.

Not only did they lose the game – and the series to a banged-up Nationals squad, the Rockies became banged up themselves. Dexter Fowler was hit in the hand while bunting, Cargo took a foul tip to the leg while he stood in the on-deck circle and Tulo sustained a still-undisclosed injury diving for a ball.

Yes, Cargo, Dex and Tulo were all hurt. Will any of them wind up on the DL? Will any of them miss significant time? Will the first series loss in the past six series lead the Rockies toward oblivion?

Stay tuned …

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