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Dikembe Mutombo's Geico ad is hilarious but isn't he in trouble?

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Twitter has been abuzz over Dikembe's hilarious new Geico "how happy are they" commercial. It's certainly very funny. But how can he possibly be a paid endorser for an insurance company after being accused of being involved in a Congolese conflict gold scam?

I don't remember hearing that Mutombo had been cleared in the case. His alleged involvement was extra gut-wrenching becuase he had been an advocate against conflict gems prior to being caught with his enormus hand in the cookie jar.  The scam story broke in Spring of 2012 and was a hot topic for all of a couple days - then it just *poof* disappeared. How does a 10 million dollar scam involving a former NBA player and illegal conflict minerals just disappear like that?

Maybe Mutombo blocked it. No wonder he's happy.

Mutombo’s role in $10 million 
gold scam only now coming to light - Houston Chronicle

Dikembe Mutombo And The Case Of The Missing Congolese Gold - Deadspin

Congo News: How gold smuggling profits warlords not Congo - Global Post





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